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Cryptocurrency has quickly developed into an enormous market. That is not only heavily sustained through public interest but also because of the way it leverages against fiat currencies and the global economic scenario. With all that in mind, it is easy to understand why there are so many businesses and ventures popping up everywhere trying to sell services through crypto. ICO Daily is a keen observer of these events, and our financial experts carry the passion to keep people informed about these ventures.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are how these ventures accumulate funds to operate and many of them present a great investment opportunity. We are a platform that evaluates for you, so you have all the key information needed to make your decision. The process behind that evaluation is lengthy and involves a high level of scrutiny to make sure the information you are getting is accurate and up to date.

ICO Daily understands the need for comprehensiveness, which is why we provide information on active and upcoming ICOs and those that have passed by. You never know when you may find the interest or opportunity to invest in something that brings you a fortune.

Of course, the effort that goes into running such a vast platform does not rely solely on financial experts and ICO specialists. We need to make the information presentable and have it uploaded to our website and constantly maintained on our servers. To do that, we have a huge team of professionals who work with us, both on the spot or remotely, depending on the need of the job and the availability of top-quality resources. Be it programmers, social media managers, content writers, or networking and security experts, we have such a comprehensive team for only one reason: your satisfaction.

A key part of our service is keeping tabs on the performance of past tokens to see if they live up to their promises. That is an extremely important part of our job to facilitate anyone who wants to review past ICOs and provide updates on popular and followed cases to keep our information up-to-date.

What Does ICO Daily Do and What Does It NOT Do?

The primary objective of ICO Daily is to create a highly organized and fully curated catalog of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) for its audience. We are looking at a world where the potential to create an entirely new version of internet behemoths like Google and Amazon is very much possible. More specifically, we are expecting to find their decentralized versions come up in the crypto world and then replace them.

Whether or not that happens is yet to be seen. However, if it does happen, you would want to go in on such an opportunity. However, that is not the only gold rush waiting to happen in the crypto world and there are other more exciting ventures already happening as you read this. Knowing about them is imperative and that is what we are all about.

We take each venture and evaluate everything about them. This leads to an informed decision on whether a particular platform is promising or not. A good investor would want to know either way and that is why we lay down the facts for you to make up your own mind.

Our team of specialists goes through every piece of information they can find about each venture and presents it in a way that you do not find anything ambiguous. In fact, if a platform is trying to be ambiguous on purpose, we would also try to tell you about that.

While we are doing all that, do keep in mind that you will find NO FINANCIAL ADVICE on our platform whatsoever. Not only would that make us opinionated and biased about platforms, but it might also breach the laws in many countries. For example, the United States of America treats investment advice on pretty much any platform as a regulated service. That means we would be required to get ourselves licensed and we do not intend to portray ourselves as licensed advisors.

Even if you were to find something that may sound opinionated, please consider it restricted to us only and it would not be in any way an encouragement for you to take or leave a particular token deal.

Rigorous Research

What is Our Project Selection Process?

Adding a project to our list is no small feat. It requires a thorough investigation before it can be given as a potential investment opportunity to our audience. We want to make sure that the projects you are looking at have some level of viability in them that any seasoned investor can recognize. Of course, we do not provide our opinion on the possibility of making a profit on any investment and we leave that part up to you.

Apart from that, we take apart every project into its key components and here is what we see in each of these components:


This is the most important part of the information that we seek from any ICO as this is the document that provides maximum details about the project. There are quite a few key areas that need to be covered and we check if the company has covered them properly or not. Each of these components plays an important role in the decision-making process which is why we give them the time they deserve.


  • The first component is the basic information about the company. This includes things like company formation and registration information, proof of legitimacy, place of operations, branches, presence on and off the internet, and other similar points.
  • The second thing that we look for is the duration of the campaign. The whitepaper should clearly mention when the ICO campaign will start and end. The whole point of this is to provide sufficient time to encourage people and to make sure they participate before the time runs out.
  • The next component in question is the purpose of the campaign. This information is where the ICO really sells itself as the company will provide all the information they can to convince investors to fund their venture. They will tell you how they intend to make you money, the unique selling points of their platform, and any other information that you may need to analyze how good of an investment that venture can be.
  • Last but certainly not least is the uniqueness aspect. We try to look for information that lets investors know how a company might perform differently from its competitors to gain an edge in their market. This will also let you know if the project you are looking at is the same as something else that you may have already invested in. A good opportunity would be one where you can find a new thing that you may not have had the chance to be a part of before. Of course, the evaluation and decision would be yours to make, and we would only be looking for information that can help you make that decision.

Token Utility

This feature tells how valuable a token is for anyone who wants to join or invest in any ICO. In simple terms, the more values you can attach to a token, the more valuable it is and the more utility it has.

The utility of the token is dependent on the platform’s creators as they have to decide the number of ways in which they can tie in the token to the platform they are building. The usage also needs to be clear and ambiguous roles can also lead to a drop in value.

There are quite a few things that we consider when deciding upon the token utility, including but not limited to:

  • Is the token tied to product use?
  • Does it provide governance action to the owner?
  • Is it being used as a security deposit?
  • Is its buying or selling a part of the platform’s business model in any way?
  • Is it a requirement to join any attached networks or services?
  • Is it being used as a currency?
  • Is there any profit share attached to the token?
  • Is the token giving users access to creative assets?


Having a capable team is extremely important for the success of the platform and we take our time in finding out as much as we can about each member of the core team.

While many platforms provide this information readily, others require some digging. We also end up finding critical information that can sometimes lead to the disqualification of an ICO from our platform.


The viability of a project comes from its tokenomics and you need to be sure that the numbers being given make sense. It is the overall combination of every financial aspect of the business and explains the “economics” behind the token of that platform.

We investigate the values being quoted by the platform against their utility and find out if the demand meets the supply at the same level that the platform is expecting. This tells a lot about the viability of a project and is also a good investment assessment method.


The roadmap is a critical part of the platform’s offer as it tells the investors how the platform is developing and what its future will look like.

You can find everything from short-term and long-term goals to the approach that the business will take to meet its targets. It also provides a timeline of events that can be a key factor in determining your viability to invest.

Development Strategy

The development strategy is also a major factor in our investigation process as this is the process that tells you how the idea of the platform will be turned into reality.

It gives important details regarding the development process that can give an investor an idea of what to expect in the coming days, weeks, and months. For us, this is an evaluation criterion because we can use it to determine if a platform is worth investing in or not.

While these factors provide a comprehensive understanding for us to determine the viability and value of the platform for our viewers, we can also add other criteria if needed when dealing with a platform that proves to be more complicated than usual.

We also expect investors to have their own evaluation process ready when they find something suitable for investment on our website. In fact, if you are analyzing any of the ICOs listed on our website and find something suspicious, we would appreciate it if you reported to us immediately to investigate and take suitable action.

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How to Invest in ICOs

One thing that you will notice immediately when exploring ICOs is that most of them are built on Ethereum. That means they are using the ERC20 protocol and that is the kind of token you will be investing in. This will also impact the wallet you choose to trade and the exchange you go to for trading.

Of course, there are other options with platforms like Komodo, Neo, Lisk, ICX, Qtum, Strat, and many more that have ICOs built on them. However, these are pretty rare, and you only need to think about investing there if you find an incredibly good investment opportunity.

Many projects also have Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations implemented on their sales and if you are contributing to their platform, you might be required to provide information regarding your identity to them. Typically, this involves sharing digital copies or scans of your official ID which may not be acceptable for everyone, so do check for such requirements when considering any platform to invest in.

You will also need to get your wallet whitelisted for the sale in many cases. This is for the project team to find out who is interested in investing and use it as part of their updates for their community about investment progress as well. You will also need to have a wallet compatible with the token sale. For example, you could use Metamask to buy any ERC20 token or use a different wallet depending on your personal preference and the requirements of the project that you intend to invest in.

Once you have all the pieces in place, you can send your contribution in crypto to the wallet address specified for the investment by the project team or website. Once your contribution is through, the platform will verify your wallet and KYC information, after which you will receive the project’s tokens in your wallet. Sometimes the programming requirements for the transfer process could lead to weeks of delay in the transfer of tokens, so keep that in mind.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ICO Investments

Like any other form of investment, ICOs also have their advantages and disadvantages. Knowing them is important if you want to make sure that you do not make a bad investment call. Let us discuss the advantages of investing in ICOs first.


ICOs are a great way to invest your cryptocurrencies. If you have any crypto lying around that you are not actively trading with, you can invest in ICOs and make money. As long as you choose the ICOs carefully, you can easily increase your crypto reserves without too much effort.


Token buying is relatively easy and almost anyone can buy it. There may be dozens of reasons why a person may not be able to invest in regular stocks and IPOs but when it comes to cryptos and tokens, anyone can participate, if they have the funds to do it.


The purchasing process for ICOs is also much simpler and you do not need any middleman involved to do the purchasing for you. This eliminates any fees that you may have to pay and allocate a larger sum to the actual investment. The processing time is also significantly reduced and is instantaneous in many cases.

There are some disadvantages to investing in ICOs as well and here are some of them for your information.

Given the digital nature of ICOs, there is a big chance that you find yourself scammed. This is especially true for people who do not do proper research and invest in random ICOs. We take our time to make sure that the ICOs we suggest are solid and have an almost zero percent chance of being a scam. The most obvious loss, in this case, would be your investment getting lost forever.

Hacking and theft are a huge problem with ICOs as many platforms are not properly equipped to ward off cyber-attacks. The cryptocurrency market alone has faced billions of dollars in losses from online theft and account hacking.

Discover the Best Opportunities

How To Find the Best ICO Listings by Browsing Our Database

One of the biggest focal points for the team at ICO Daily is to provide users with an easy-to-use method for searching the best ICO listings. To make it happen, we perform several steps, so you do not need to when looking for ICOs. The most important part of our selection criteria is partnerships with good ICO agencies. If an ICO is partnering with a known crypto investor, marketing company, or other relevant services providers who are popular for their services, it makes the ICO automatically attractive. We make sure to add that information where we can find it for you to see.

We also use a multi-factor rating process that gives you direct information about the quality of investment that you are about to engage in. Each of these factors is a source of reliability for investors and even allows them to see if they are compatible with that ICO in the first place. These factors include the following:

Know Your Customer (KYC)

This factor tells you if the platform is using KYC or not. This can be a hurdle for people who want to retain their privacy and can help them steer clear of ICOs that require this information.


Some ICOs require investors to go through a whitelisting process for their wallets before they can participate. We tell you whether that requirement is implemented and if it is, what are the dates for it.

Participating Countries

Some ICOs limit the countries from where they want their investors to come from and they can block certain countries from participating for security reasons. We tell you if such a restriction is in place and what countries are banned.

Additional information about tokens and the project itself is also available that you can use to find the best ICOs to invest in.

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ICOs Explained

ICO is an abbreviation of Initial Coin Offerings and is used by companies to raise funds using cryptocurrencies. If you think it sounds familiar, then it does because it is exactly like an Initial Public Offering or an IPO.

The only major difference is the currency part, where one uses crypto and the other uses fiat currency.

The concept is quite simple for the most part and generally, ICOs benefit both the investors and the people performing it. Knowing how an ICO works is extremely important if you want to be successful at it and we are sharing everything you need to know.

How Do ICOs Work?

The most important part of running an ICO is ensuring that it is being done using cryptocurrency. After all, it is literally in the name (coin) and there are several reasons for doing that. To conduct an ICO, a company needs to come up with a solid plan that explains how the platform they are conducting the ICO for was created, what its targets are, and how the company aims to meet those targets effectively and within the given timelines.

You can also find more information on these things in the Whitepaper and Roadmap. Since the platform is expected to run on crypto, it makes sense to conduct an ICO to easily manage payments from investors.

Many people also point out that companies conducting ICOs could also do it using the traditional IPO method. While it does make sense initially, some scrutiny tells you immediately that you can benefit a lot more by using crypto as the investment option. There are many reasons why a fiat currency-based IPO might not fit the bill for a platform and crypto would. 

The biggest reason in most cases, is the privacy that some platforms offer to investors (like no KYC) and the lack of restrictions in terms of who can invest in the platform. The lack of regulation also adds a certain level of freedom from legal scrutiny to the equation that most investors appreciate.

The Different Stages in an ICO

An ICO is not exactly a short process, and you need to go through several steps before it can be considered complete. Here is each step explained in detail for your convenience and understanding.

1. Seed Funding

This is the earliest stage of funding for the project and the amount of work done on the project is also quite limited. In fact, many of the ideas about the platform are also not finalized and things are still being refined by the team working on it. Typically, the seed funding happens privately, and the team uses their own connections to raise the money. Getting in at this stage can provide maximum bonuses, but there is also the risk that the project does not reach the ICO stage.

2. Private Sale

By the time this stage comes, the basics are all in place including a basic website, project whitepaper, and social media pages. People who join at this stage are usually informed by someone in their network as this is still private. The bonuses at this stage are smaller, though and the risk of not making it to the ICO becomes much bigger.

3. Pre-Sale / Pre-ICO

This stage is critical for the next one as the Pre-sale is when the company gathers sufficient funds to get a proper ICO going. It is the final stage at which experts and investors can get the tokens at discounted prices before they are offered. Good ICOs usually sell all their allotted tokens at this stage quickly.

4. Whitelisting and Upcoming ICOs

In case a project does not sell out completely during pre-sale, they may provide a week or two for people to join the buyer list by getting whitelisted. This also allows them to create a list of interested parties and provide updates to the community. The slots in the whitelist are also limited in most cases.

5. Active/Ongoing ICOs

Most of the tokens are sold at this stage when the marketing has done its job and people are starting to gather for the public sale. The hype created for the token sale and the strong investor backing that the project already has leads to a positive impact on other investors and boosts the sale performance significantly. The token is sold at full price at this stage, but the risk is significantly reduced by this time.

6. After Market

Once the token sale is complete, the platform needs to get it listed on an exchange and this starts from smaller exchanges. It is only after the platform achieves a certain trading volume that they can have their token listed on a major exchange. Partnering with the right exchange is extremely important as that will develop the momentum in sales to increase demand and the value of the token itself. 

It takes a lot of effort to make it through all these stages, and the projects that manage to succeed are worthy of the investments they have accumulated over time.

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ICOdaily provides an easy way for creators to get their ICOs listed on our website. All you need to do is follow these steps and you are good to go:

Click on the Submit ICO button

Fill out the form with all the required details. The asterisks denote information that is mandatory to complete your listing. Additional information is optional but can help showcase your ICO better if approved.

Wait for the approval process to complete. We will let you know once your ICO is approved and listed on our website.

It is also possible that your ICO does not get approved for publishing on our website and the reason for that in most cases is insufficient information or incomplete requirements. For example, if your website is not active and raises suspicion, or your team is too small, or if your whitepaper has insufficient information, you can expect to see a rejection. Make sure to complete all this information so that your ICO gets approved on our website.

The typical processing time is 3-4 days for approval, but it can vary depending on the number of cases our team is handling. You can also choose to promote your ICO and reach a larger audience by purchasing a promoted spot or a banner ad. You can choose either of these options or even choose both if you want.


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