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5ire is a renowned sustainable distributed computing platform. It is a 5th-generation blockchain designed to offer a paradigm shift from the popular for-profit to a for-benefit economic system.

About 5ire

5ire is an interoperable and sustainable blockchain designed to bring a dramatic paradigm shift from a perspective of for-profit to a for-benefit economy while enabling the fifth industrial revolution. It is a blockchain ecosystem focusing on Sustainability, Technology, and Innovation towards the building of the fifth industrial revolution. 

5ire is a sharp contrast to the prevalent trends in the 4th Industrial Revolution, whose focus was on dehumanization. The core vision of 5ire is to tailor innovation, technology, and best practices towards service to humanity. 

5ire offers a seamless gateway for a smooth transition from 4IR to 5IR. Suffice to mention that the blockchain platform is also designed for SDG-related development, investment, and management.

What Makes us Different?

5ire equips Working Groups and Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to help speed up the implementation of the UNs 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The platform provides an infrastructure where different things can be created. 

These include custom blockchain, AI solutions for UN SDGs and impact, AR/VR, and IoT. It is also open for Governance and DAO frameworks for investment funds, individuals, and companies. Here are the details of what makes us different:

  • 5ire is the first sustainable hybrid consensus and reward distribution mechanism by design. It also features nominated proof stakes, which guarantees democracy, security, and justified fair representation of different network actors.
  • Proof of Donation and Benefit: 5ire is focused on rewarding positive impact, which can either be in the real world on on-chain. Its governance-based reward distribution system also incentivizes all network actors according to their dedication and commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • 5ire also features high security for all network actors and interoperability and cross-chain transfers. The platform is sustainable by design and boasts of future-proof upgradeability. It also offers transactional scalability to all network actors.

The Team

5ire was established by Global Impact Champions and Blockchain Pioneers. The team comprises strategy management professionals, blockchain research & development, seasoned developers and technical writers, software engineers, and legal practitioners. The platform’s founders have been featured in Forbes, NASDAQ, TED, and others.

How to Participate

The token type that will be available for the public token sale is ERC20 and its role is utility. The date and time for the token sale have not been revealed but you can follow 5ire on their social media platforms to get the details of the sale event when it is released.

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