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AAG Ventures is a company that is making solid efforts towards making P2E opportunities more accessible to the masses by creating a support system for guilds instead of increasing competition.
Token sale completed on 17 December
Goal: 27,500,000
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About AAG Ventures

Blockchain technology has created an entire universe of opportunities for people to earn online using different platforms. One of the most popular approaches so far has been Play to Earn (P2E) and AAG Ventures is aiming to use that as a launchpad for creating a platform that will help guilds grow together. Its purpose is to help create a larger community of guild members everywhere who can come together and play in a democratized environment.

What Makes AAG Ventures Different?

Unlike most P2E platforms and guilds that focus on winning in a tough competition to gain more investors and players, AAG Ventures, through its game Axie Infinity, is trying to go beyond that approach and create a harmonized earning environment that would especially benefit people from developing countries through easier access and fewer restrictions. Here are a few notable things about AAG Ventures that you should know.

  • It is the first organization to look beyond the traditional construct of P2E and is creating a democratized environment where people from multiple guilds can come together to play and earn at fair rates and margins. All the guilds would be responsible for sharing earnings fairly among all players.
  • It carries a long-term approach that aims at creating new economic opportunities for less privileged players and scholars. Bringing together multiple guilds will lead to a greater economic impact through synergy and optimize profits.
  • Multiple tools available on the platform to help participants not only get more involved with less hurdles but also grow their earnings through strategies that enhance their earning potential in multiple ways.
  • Provides performance monitoring tools to ensure every team of scholars is performing at an optimal level through KPI-based rules and metrics.

AAG Ventures Team

AAG Ventures has a large team of core members who come from diverse backgrounds and have vast experience in enterprise management, blockchain, software development, tech advisory, trading, and more. They also have advisors who are veterans in their respective fields including entrepreneurship, blockchain development, marketing, and business and strategic advisory.

How to Participate?

You can join the Initial Dex Offering planned by AAG Ventures between 12-15 December 2021. The total tokens made available for the platform are 1 billion and these are ERC20 tokens. The company also has several features attached to the token itself to boost its value and demand.

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Token Sale: 12 December — 17 December
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