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You could find plenty of crypto asset management systems these days, everyone offering their own unique set of functions. However, to take the lead means to perform better and Abra claims to do that well.

About Abra

With the crypto trading world developed to a large extent, people are starting to demand comprehensive experiences that allow them to manage their crypto wealth from a single place without opening multiple accounts on different platforms. The absence of such a platform is sorely felt and the ones who claim to have it all also seem to fall short sometimes. Abra claims to have what it takes to meet those needs and do it in a pleasant and easy way for the users.

How Does Abra Work?

Managing digital wealth is just as difficult to manage. You spend years trading cryptocurrencies and now that you have a reasonably large portfolio, you want to manage it easily to focus more on making money than figuring out how much you have and where everything is. Abra is claiming to provide a single simplified answer to all your needs. You can easily trade, buy, and sell from your portfolio or even use it for earning interest and other rewards and bonuses. Here are a few of their features that would give you an idea of what they want to create.

  • The app makes it extremely easy to add all your assets to its platform through its app. With a few taps, you can have all your assets listed on the app and ready to go, depending on whatever you want to do with them. The app also allows you to create custom portfolios using your assets so you can keep an eye on them, be it for tracking or investing.
  • The app itself is a key selling point of Abra’s service since making an app that is intuitive and easy to use is not easy. This is especially true for finance applications and Abra seems to have done a great job creating theirs.
  • Making trades is both easy and fast and you can do so for any asset in your portfolio. Being a flexible platform means you can also withdraw your money easily and the app supports multiple withdrawing options.

Abra Team

The team behind Abra consists of a diverse group of highly experienced individuals with backgrounds in crypto trading, blockchain development, financial management, software development, and more.

How to Participate?

Abra has no public announcement at this stage regarding an ICO, but you can stay informed by following their website and socials.

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