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Join a brand new global financial system run using a highly transparent, secure, and trustless coin called AKTIO. Enjoy highly efficient and cost-effective transactions with a brand-new exchange.
Token sale completed on 27 November
Goal: 32,700,000
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About Akt.io

Akt.io is the newest effort introduced to the market for creating a system that relies solely on its users to govern itself and takes out all the middlemen and regulators to create a highly efficient and trustless financial system. The company offers a complete ecosystem of financial services that aims to take on the current market leaders and carve out a sizeable portion for its own exchange and coin. The company has a dedicated blockchain that they claim is revolutionary in its approach, but only time will tell how that helps their cause.

What Makes Akt.io Different?

The biggest factor that needs to be considered here is the magnitude of the operation being undertaken by Akt.io, especially from a blockchain perspective. You will see an entirely new blockchain, just like you do for existing coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The company will be operating a peer-to-peer governance system where the users will be determining the value of the AKTIO cryptocurrency. Here are some key points related to this venture that you should know if you consider investing here.

  • A state-of-the-art exchange is to be created as part of the services portfolio of Akt.io which will have a huge impact on this platform and the currency’s efficiency. With direct access to the blockchain, users will be able to make transactions at blazing fast speeds while also saving money on transaction costs.
  • Akt.io will also include a complete payment system that you can use as any regular payments service. You will also be able to use plastic money linked directly to your crypto account so that you can make fractional payments instantaneously. Whether it is crypto, fiat, or any other form of payment, the payments system will support it.
  • Membership option is also available for investors to provide them with invaluable information on managing their portfolios and making profitable investments on the platform. The system will also offer trading automation through AI-based proprietary algorithms.

Akt.io Team

Akt.io is a platform with some of the industry’s best minds operating it. You can find highly experienced blockchain experts, financial markets gurus, software developers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and more. The company is also backed by strong investors.

How to Participate?

The token sale for Akt.io is currently active and whitelisted wallets can be used to buy €1 (US$1.16) each. The ICO is happening on a dedicated site set up by the company.

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