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Data analytics is at the heart of every business and platform. It is especially true for blockchain and crypto, and APIS aims to provide a comprehensive solution for all.
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About APIS

With digitization becoming a universal requirement for most businesses and service platforms these days, it is impossible to survive, let alone succeed, without data. Having access to information that shows exactly where you stand and gives insight into moving forward is critical to that success. Thankfully, many services provide exactly that for companies all over the world. With the sudden rise in the popularity of blockchain and crypto in the last few years, the need for a dedicated data analytics service catering to that market has risen significantly. APIS claims to be providing that service in a highly comprehensive manner.

How Does APIS Work?

Given the tall order of demands being presented by companies these days for data analytics, a lot of things need to come together for a viable solution. Thankfully, APIS seems to have done a lot of work on making that a reality and here are some of the top features that you can get from their service.

  • Data querying is a primary requirement for anything that runs on the blockchain. APIS data querying allows you to find trends in everything like pricing, volume, and other metrics using historical data. Given the open nature of most platforms, it can generate a lot of useful trends and analytics.
  • A tool like APIS would only be fully useful if it can get you access to everything blockchain. Thankfully, it supports the cross-chain operation and covers all the well-known blockchains accessible to the public and the historical access goes all the way back to their inception.
  • The system is built for bringing efficiency to projects and NFT platforms get a lot of use from it as it removes many barriers that projects face. Running individual nodes for gaming platforms would no longer be necessary.
  • User experience is a significant factor when talking about data and analytics, and APIS emphasizes making their analytics easy to understand. You can find vibrant data presentations in graphs and interactive charts with customization options included.


APIS is created by a highly successful and experienced team of blockchain developers, data scientists, blockchain research analysts, and more.

How to Participate?

The APIS platform is scheduled to hold a private sale starting 24th Feb 2022 with the following dates.

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Token Sale: 24 February — 28 February
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