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Yield farming is a major money-making interest for a lot of crypto traders these days and a good source for achieving it is highly valuable. Apollo’s service could make it your yield generator of choice.

About Apollo

What makes DeFi such a lucrative market for investors is its vast capacity to develop new money-making concepts and improve on ones already available. Yield farming has been here for as long as we can remember but, in most platforms, there is always something left to be desired. Apollo wants to be the platform to provide a comprehensive experience and their introductory post on Medium says that it is “built for DeFi users, by DeFi users and aligns itself with the broader mission of making DeFi more accessible.” Only time will tell how their service compares to this statement.

How Does Apollo Work?

For a basic yield farming experience, it is easy to say that you could choose any platform you want, and they would fulfill your needs. However, just as it is with everything else in crypto, there is always room for improvement and innovation, and Apollo seems to be working on exactly that. They want to expand the basic yield farming experience and create a platform that covers much more ground and opens many new opportunities. Here are some of the features you can expect to see on the Apollo platform.

  • A key focus for Apollo is optimizing the returns traders get from yield farming. The system provides optimization for auto-compounds that you get from arbitrary yield farm rewards. This increases deposited assets automatically while the trader gains additional rewards in the form of APOLLO tokens.
  • Complex vault strategies are managed through special designs and plans which related to UST yield aggregation. It also has a dedicated LUNA strategy and works on utilizing multiple vaults at the same time to maximize returns that the investors generate from airdrops.
  • Security is of paramount importance and the platform has taken steps to ensure its reliability. The entire system is built on RUST and is created with a security-focused strategy. Every vault gets a complete audit before it is released for use. The company also intends to launch a bounty program for constant improvement.

Apollo Team

Apollo is run by a team of experienced and talented blockchain developers, financial markets specialists, software engineers, and “DeFi users”.

How to Participate?

Apollo has not yet shared any update regarding an upcoming ICO. However, you can find out about new developments through their website and socials.

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