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Liquidity provision platforms on crypto can now be found a dime a dozen but the ones that truly serve investors properly are still scarce. Aurigami is a platform that can easily be called a top option.
Token sale completed on 04 May
Goal: 110,000,000
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About Aurigami

Lending and borrowing of assets have become incredibly easier and more accessible for people, thanks to the new crypto-based models. These are much more accessible to the public, have fewer scrutiny requirements, and yet, they are still some of the best options in terms of security. However, making all that work flawlessly is where the real challenge lies, and this is where you can separate good platforms from the bad ones. Aurigami has provided sufficient evidence to be considered a good option for trading.

How Does Aurigami Work?

Considering the kind of reputation that Aurigami has built since its inception, it is certainly curious as to how it has become one of the most trusted and successful platforms for making money, even before a public token launch. With its unlocked liquidity sitting above $730 million at the time of writing, it is one of the largest liquidity protocols available right now. The platform is built on Aurora which also comes in the name chosen for the protocol. Here are some of the key features of Aurigami that you should know about.

  • Fund storage is the biggest concern for anyone using liquidity platforms and as expected, Aurigami uses smart contracts for storing funds. For the people making deposits or trading, the platform offers yield-bearing tokens called auTokens which can then be used to withdraw funds from the liquidity pool when needed.
  • Being able to make money from depositing funds alone makes it one of the most secure and safe investment options for many people. The rate of return is determined according to the market. The users can also utilize their deposits as collateral when in need of borrowing a different asset from the platform.
  • Security is a major concern for the platform developers and to minimize the possibility of infiltration, regular audits are performed, and steps are taken regularly to ensure fund safety. The platform also offers due warnings for users to avoid losing major assets in the event of a breach.

Aurigami Team

The people who have created this platform come from diverse backgrounds with extensive experience in blockchain development, crypto trading, financial instruments management, software development, and a lot more.

How to Participate?

Aurigami will be holding a Token Sale for its PLY token on Impossible Finance starting 3rd May 2022.

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Token Sale: 03 May — 04 May
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