Axelar is a platform that provides a suitable line of connection between dApp developers and users, applications, and ecosystems and makes the communication process seamless.

About Axelar

One of the biggest problems that dApp builders face when launching their apps on different platforms is communication. This is especially true for cross-chain communication where there are countless hurdles that come up during the deployment process. Axelar tries to mitigate that problem by providing a seamless communication solution for dApp developers. It is as easy as plug-n-play and it makes their life much easier and allows better results for their app deployment.

What Makes Axelar Different?

There are several options available right now that provide better communication protocols for dApp developers. However, many of these solutions are incomprehensive and have something lacking. Axelar tries to address these shortcomings by engaging the points that the users are the most concerned about. Here are a few things that you need to know about their service as a user and investor.

  • The system is completely decentralized which means users can rely on the efficiency and security of the network when deploying apps. It also provides complete access to users, regardless of where they are from and even allows them access to the network protocol openly.
  • The network is powered by a decentralized network of validators which means maximum transparency for users and efficient handling of communication for dApps.
  • The system is extremely easy to use and has plug-n-play integration support for all networks. Most platforms require developers to engineer their apps in such a way that they can meet specific requirements. Axelar eliminates this requirement and makes deployment easier.
  • Single language use across all platforms is also something that is almost non-existent in most platforms. Axelar allows you to deploy your dApps by using the same communication protocols, which saves time and energy and makes it possible to work faster and get more dApps deployed at the same time.

Axelar Team

The people behind Axelar are highly experienced blockchain developers, crypto specialists, programmers, finance experts and experienced entrepreneurs. They have a vast and diverse experience which they have used to create this platform. They also have the backing of several serious investors and partners to get the platform going in its intended direction.

How to Participate?

You can join the Incentivized Testnet for Axelar which is currently active and available for all potential investors and users. They also have a reward system in place for early adopters and you can check out the details on their website.

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