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Put your assets in the hands of a community you trust with Babylon Finance, a platform designed to be run through shared DeFi to create a trustless and transparent environment for investors.
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About Babylon Finance

Traditional asset management is a field shrouded in mystery and investors often find themselves questioning their decisions. Instead of worrying about whether your best interests are being protected or not, you can opt to join Babylon Finance, a decentralized community, owned and managed by an asset management service. Run using DeFi protocols, it offers a future where you can have your assets managed and grown through a trustless and transparent system with the risk, liquidity, and timing of your choice.

What Makes Babylon Finance Different?

Babylon Finance aims to target the conventional asset management and advisory realm before any other blockchain-based asset management service. It creates transparency for all investors involved by providing a community-driven management service. However, it goes beyond the obvious and offers certain unique qualities worth noting.

  • Investors have full control over where their assets are being managed. You can join a wide range of communities on the platform by exploring how each of them operates and choose the one that suits you best. It is not a standard blockchain-based solution either, which provides flexibility and greater control over investments.
  • Reward schemes are also offered by each community that investors can benefit from by joining them and introducing their portfolio. This can be treated as a secondary source of profitability that does not cost you anything extra.
  • Gas prices for using DeFi protocols is a key concern for investors managing their assets over the blockchain. A community-based structure allows investors to share the gas expense, making their trades much more profitable.
  • Special features available for initial investors involved in the platform like The Prophets which are special assets that reap unique and valuable rewards for users.

Babylon Finance Team

Running a platform like this requires a lot of unique expertise and the team behind Babylon Finance counts that as one of their strong suits. With core members having experience with some of the largest brands and organizations in the world, there is little doubt about their capability to run the platform effectively.

How to Participate?

Unlike most other conventional blockchain setups of its kind, Babylon Finance will not hold a public sale. Instead, they will be introducing a mining program that you can find the details of on Medium.

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