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With the NFT market in a huge boom right now, protection is one of the most essential things that platforms need to think about. bitsCrunch offers a broad solution that covers security and more.

About bitsCrunch

The NFT market has exploded in the last year or so and that has led to a huge influx of new platforms in the market that are offering NFT trading services to countless users. However, this sudden influx also means a lot of opportunities for potential scams and hacks to come up and as it happens, they certainly have. bitsCrunch aims to provide a comprehensive solution for these platforms so that they can ensure complete protection, privacy, and security for their users and the platform itself.

How Does bitsCrunch Work?

With NFT marketplaces having to deal with so many different problems regarding platform security and privacy, a comprehensive solution is a great thing to have and a necessity at this point. While some platforms manage to develop their own protection systems, there are still many who do not do it properly and end up suffering. bitsCrunch solves their problem by providing dedicated tools that let the NFT trading platforms not only deal with issues proactively but also completely avoid many of them. Here are four key features that encapsulate the service bitsCrunch provides.

  • Scour is a system that allows NFT marketplaces to actively identify wash trading activities on their platform. This system makes it easier to pinpoint such activities and simplifies the process of fraud detection and prevention while also making it more effective.
  • Analytics is a vital part of any NFT trading platform to measure performance and Unleash NFTs is a system provided by bitsCrunch that generates detailed analytics covering multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, etc.
  • Asset valuation is at the center of any NFT marketplace’s services and with Liquify, they can generate valuations for all kinds of digital assets. This is especially useful for the users who can quickly check if their portfolio is being valued correctly or not.
  • Crunch DaVinci, as many would have guessed, is a protocol that helps detect forgeries of digital assets. Using highly complex AI models identifies assets that are copies, bootlegged digital art, or forgeries, providing protection for traders.

bitsCrunch Team

The people behind bitsCrunch are some of the most talented and highly experienced individuals with expertise in blockchain development, data science, network security, and more.

How to Participate?

There is no public news of an upcoming ICO released by bitsCrunch. However, you can join the bitsCrunch website and socials to stay informed of future developments.

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