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Blue Horizon is one of the very few platforms that actively seek out artists who create NFTs and provides them a platform to shine while providing a comprehensive buying experience for users.
Token sale completed on 24 November
$910,000 $910,000 100%
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Blue Horizon is a unique amalgamation of several great aspects of blockchain including NFTs, blockchain, and DeFi. It provides a one-stop-shop for NFT buying and selling, trading NFT tokens, yield farming protocols, and several other features. It is also a proactive selling platform that seeks our artists and helps them get their work out to the public and get some money flowing in. A major part of the process is that they engage with the creators themselves to get exclusive pieces done specifically for Blue Horizon.

What Makes it Different?

Blue Horizon’s operating model is unique in several ways, some of which even give them some exclusivity in terms of how they do things. Here are some key points about Blue Horizon worth exploring:

  • Highlighting artists is not only a part of their model but also a great effort on their end. Blue Horizon actively seeks out artists to get them to do art pieces that are exclusively for their platform. Doing that not only makes the artwork more valuable but also gives the artists a chance to shine and get recognized.
  • The platform offers a complete marketplace for trading NFT tokens with access to a vast network providing countless choices. You can also find their own BLH token on this very platform which makes it super convenient.
  • If you own BLH token, you are in for a treat, as Blue Horizon promises several rewards for you, including fee discounts, fee sharing, and other perks.
  • Gamification is also a worthwhile feature of the platform that allows you to utilize your collection instead of sitting in cold storage. You can add the characters you have on your cards in different game titles. We have yet to see this in action.

The Team

Blue Horizon is run by a multi-talented team of individuals who hail from different fields of technology, cyber security, and design. Having a dedicated art director allows them to run their artist search program quite effectively. Their combined experience and passion for blockchains, NFT, and information security allowed them to create an effective and comprehensive platform that is Blue Horizon.

How to Participate?

Blue Horizon will be holding their public (Initial DEX Offering) IDO. It will be run through LuaStarter and Poolz. The TGE will be held on November 22nd, 2021, with a token price of $0.06 and a total supply of 100 million BLH.

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Token Sale: 22 November — 24 November
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