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Game development is a long and tedious process with a lot of effort involved, especially when it comes to asset design. Breeder DAO is offering mass asset production services for developers of every genre.
Token sale completed on 26 April
Goal: 45,000,000
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About Breeder DAO

If you have ever played any game with a large enough scope, you must have realized how big of a challenge it is to design characters. While developers are happy to spend countless hours designing main characters, adding NPCs and other assets can be tiring and difficult. They cannot make everyone look the same either and this is especially true when playing a game where every character is equally important. Breeder DAO is offering to create high-volume production of in-game assets for metaverse developers to deal with that issue.

How Does Breeder DAO Work?

In essence, Breeder DAO is an NFT asset factory that creates in-game assets and characters for blockchain-based games. The company claims to have high-volume asset production capacity while also keeping each order tailored to the requirements of individual clients. They claim to be able to help build assets for even the largest platforms and guilds currently operating in the metaverse to focus on building their P2E economies and grow further without worrying about populating their games correctly. Here are some of the top features you can expect to see in Breeder DAO.

  • Large scale asset creation for all kinds of uses, including NFTs, so that game developers can ensure faster scaling up of their platforms. NFT creation can often become a limiting factor for many small developers and this service frees them of that burden.
  • Customization is the name of the game with BREED as clients can come forward with highly detailed requirements on how the characters and assets need to be created. Furthermore, they can also define their behavior and add custom traits to make each character unique and sellable.
  • Being a DAO means the service is highly efficient and open to everyone as the platform puts its governance in the hands of its members and gives them the tools to create their own characters and ensure mass production on their own.

Breeder DAO Team

The people who have created Breeder DAO have extensive experience in multiple areas, including software development, blockchain expertise, game design, creative design, marketing, crypto-economics, and more.

How to Participate?

Breeder DAO will be holding a Public Sale Token Launch for its BREED token starting 26th April 2022 on Copper.

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Token Sale: 26 April — 26 April
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