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P2P systems are one of the most common applications that we are seeing in blockchain these days. However, almost none of them are purely decentralized trading systems and ByBarter wants to change that.
Token sale completed on 03 February
Goal: $1 800 000
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About ByBarter

One of the biggest things that the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto had in his vision of blockchain was to create a solution that provides a truly decentralized trading system for everyone trying to use crypto. While many systems have come up with their own takes on this requirement, none of them have managed to become a fully comprehensive solution. Each platform comes with its own set of challenges and bottlenecks and users always end up facing one problem or another when trying to trade. ByBarter wants to eliminate that problem completely with a comprehensive trading solution.

How Does ByBarter Work?

Making a system that can handle virtually anything when it comes to crypto trading and blockchain marketplaces means a comprehensive execution strategy is required. Thankfully, that is exactly what ByBarter is offering its users, and that too to the extent that no other platform has gone to before. The amount of effort put into creating this system is observable when you explore the features that ByBarter has to offer. To help you understand the system better, we are sharing some of these features here.

  • Users can trade practically any token they want on this platform, thanks to its extensive P2P-based trading solution. The platform offers about 320 different means of trading cryptos of all kinds and that makes for a one-stop-shop solution that we have not seen before. This level of access would attract any trader immediately.
  • MarketVerse ByBarter is a unique feature that allows the community members on this platform to enjoy exclusive offerings like digital storefronts which they can use in many ways. It is very much like holding a commercial plot on a metaverse, but with a lot more flexibility and versatility.
  • The platform is also working on a dedicated DEX which is aimed at helping people make better trades and earn more money through its aggressive trade routing system.
  • It is truly a decentralized system, with 50% of all its profits going back to the platform’s community.

ByBarter Team

This platform creates a vast and versatile team of professionals with experience in marketing, banking, crypto trading and management, cybersecurity, and more.

How to Participate?

You can buy ByBarter’s BYB token from Coinbase and Binance Smart Chain starting 1st Mar 2022.

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Token Sale: 01 March — 03 February
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