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Cloud NFT is a comprehensive blockchain-based NFT solution with options to mint, trade, buy, and sell NFTs while paying zero gas fees and a universal trading system once it is complete.
Token sale completed on 25 November
$2,360,000 $2,240,000 105%
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Cloud NFT is the most intuitive and easy-to-use NFT platform that allows people to manage your entire NFT creation and selling process on a single screen. This is the place for designing, creating, storing, and trading NFTs while paying absolutely zero fees for transactions. The company takes pride in providing the most comprehensive NFT solution that creators can rely on for quick sales and payments without losing a ton of value in the process. They have used years of combined team experience to create a solution that takes seconds to get NFTs live and ready to sell.

What Makes it Different?

The combination of USPs that Cloud NFT has to offer is non-existent in most platforms and everyone who has spent some time creating and selling NFTs can appreciate their value. Here are a few key aspects you should know about their services

  • Cross-Chain Compatible
    Cloud NFT is one of the very few platforms that offer cross-chain minting to users. They cover ecosystems like Rarible, OpenSea, and others, making NFTs accessible to maximum potential buyers.
  • NO Gas Fees!
    Cloud NFT offers a complete experience on their platform without involving any blockchain in the process which means users do not have to pay gas fees every time they want to trade NFTs. Reach buyers and sellers directly without having to lose some value every time.
  • Comprehensive Solutions
    It gives their users everything they need in one place and do not require them to leave the platform for any reason. The ecosystem provides all the tools they need to create, mint, store, sell, and buy NFTs in one place. The solution is also simple and easy to understand and navigate.

Cloud NFT Team

Cloud NFT CloudsTo create the perfect ecosystem, the biggest requirement for Cloud NFT was talent. Apart from the invaluable experience of the founding team, the people involved in each role have sufficient experience and expertise in their role. What each of them has in common is a passion for NFTs which allowed them to come together and create a unique solution that provided everything NFT buyers and sellers could possibly need on a single platform.

How to Participate?

To join the Cloud NFT pre-sale round, participants can buy tokens using two chains, Ethereum (ETH, USDT, USDC) and BSC (BNB, BUSD, and USDT). Cloud NFT also has security measures and some participation rules to make the sale secure and stable. You can find more information on that here.

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Token Sale: 25 November — 25 November
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