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Cobo is trying to be the next generation of crypto wallets that provides an all-in-one financial services platform. Everything from your crypto holdings to your trading and spending needs are met here.

About Cobo

The world of digital wallets is growing by the day, and we see new products constantly entering the market. However, to top a list of options that contains so many serious contenders, a lot of good features and a powerful presence is needed. Cobo has managed to get that quite quickly and is growing into a global financial services provider that is already the largest crypto custodian in the Asia Pacific region. It is undoubtedly a name worth remembering for anyone interested in crypto trading in general.

What Makes Cobo Different?

Perhaps the biggest selling point for Cobo is the sheer market size that it has managed to capture in such a small amount of time. The company already claims to have processed transactions over $20 billion in value and has served more than 300 financial institutions under its platform. However, those are just a couple of things that can get you interested. Here are a few more reasons why Cobo should be a viable option in your investment targets.

  • The Cloud Wallet available on the platform is a highly versatile tool that allows users to not only participate in all kinds of trading happening on the platform, but it can also be used on other chains connected to the Ethereum blockchain. It is also intuitive and easy to use, something that is not a common theme among trading platform wallets.
  • The platform is one of the most comprehensive trading options that you can find out there, especially ones that are primarily wallets. It supports more than 40 different chains, and you can also trade all the major (and several minor) currencies. The fees are also highly competitive, and we can certainly see it growing to the level of global level exchanges quickly.
  • The wallet also allows users to utilize their funds smartly and have them invested in sources where they can grow steady and constant incomes as time passes. This can be done through staking and other investment options as well.

Cobo Team

Cobo is the product of the combined effort of some of the most talented blockchain developers and finance specialists. The collective experience between the core team makes them highly suitable for this platform.

How to Participate?

While there is no specific information available regarding an ICO for the company, you can find out about future developments by following the company Discord and website.

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