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Turn-based strategy games are finally taking a turn towards monetization for players with Codyfight. This multiplayer game allows people to make money while using their coding talents.

About Codyfight

Immerse yourself in a world where your coding skills are put to the test in an environment where you can have nothing but fun. Face off against AI competitors by creating robots in a language of your choosing while wearing NFT skins of all kinds. You can be a gamer and a programmer all at once in this fun world and make money as well while showing off your skills. It is truly the perfect gaming platform for any tech-savvy person with programming skills.

What Makes Codyfight Different?

We all love playing games, or at least most of us do, and there is something liberating about that experience. However, if you have had anyone tell you that you are too old to do it or that there are better things to do, Codyfight is the best comeback you could use! This platform is taking the entire gaming experience to an entirely new intellectual level by adding learning and development skills into the mix. It is indeed a one-of-a-kind experience. Here are some other points that you might want to know about it.

  • Playing with AI is undoubtedly the most common thing you can see in games. However, fighting them to win by using your own code is something people have never done before. The best thing about that is that the winnings that you are getting from it are purely based on your efforts and skills.
  • You can find other people who have the same interests and even find partners for different projects that may require someone with a certain kind of expertise.
  • NFT trading is very much there but you have a much bigger earning potential based on your skills. You can use skins to make your robots personalized and even end up creating rare pieces that could get you high trading values.
  • You can find out where you lie as a programmer by the global ranking that the game provides for all users competing in the Arena.

Codyfight Team

Codyfight is a platform that has an ample amount of expertise behind it. The company has a wide pool of experts and talented professionals who can make this game efficient and fun to play.

How to Participate?

Codyfight will hold a Strong Holder Meeting for their CTOK token on DAO Maker in December with a fundraising goal of 2,540,000 tokens.

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