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With the entire world moving online, what is stopping organizations from doing the same? Colony is a platform that lets you create DAOs in simple, easy-to-handle steps.
Token sale completed on 22 December
Goal: 20,000,000
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About Colony

Colony is one of the first platforms to provide a proper online environment for companies to operate in. Imagine your entire organization and put it on a blockchain and the result is what you get from Colony. It is basically a DAO framework that is easy to use. You can create all sorts of organizations with highly secure and diverse functionality to cater to every aspect of your business. All real businesses can now operate in a virtual world, one that is created to cater to their specific needs as they impact the real world.

What Makes Colony Different?

Given the size of ambition that Colony is expressing behind its project, there needs to be a lot of special stuff going on in the background. That is true to quite an extent and here are some of the highlights that you should know about Colony.

  • It is the first platform to offer a complete DAO building framework that does not require a highly complex level of understanding. The system is designed to be user-friendly, and anyone can create their DAO and start running their business on the blockchain.
  • Using software for making rules is much easier and the flexibility of Colony allows you to create rules to govern your company that are easily implementable. Why use manual rules when you could just create an entire world run with fixed parameters like a software.
  • User-focused structures are the main focus for Colony as it believes in providing structures that grow in complexity based on the users attached to that structure. Your organization can self-optimize by creating a seamless connection between the rules and the human element of this whole platform.

The Colony Team

As is expected of any venture this size, the team behind Colony is also large and highly qualified. People with extensive experience of managing and creating businesses and working with clients to help them grow their business is a big theme here. Of course, the development expertise is also abundant, with multiple staff members having years of experience developing blockchains and NFTs. The system is also well supported by investors and partners.

How to Participate?

Colony is holding a token sale on December 14, 2021, and they will be using their proprietary token selling mechanism, Coin Machine to perform the sale. The target is set for 20 million tokens and you can join by getting your wallet whitelisted.

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Token Sale: 14 December — 22 December
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