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Coordinape is a platform designed for Decentralized Automated Organizations (DAOs). Coordinape helps to fairly and easily distribute resources among contributors in a DAO.

About Coordinape

Decentralized collaboration is the core goal of DAOs. It is a noble concept where like-minded teams come together to work towards solving big issues and sharing rewards associated with the efforts. There are various problems associated with coordination. 

For a start, there is nothing like the HR department, top-down management, business contracts, or salary negotiations. However, there is still a need to recognize and reward each participant for their passion and effort in contributing to Decentralized Automated Organizations. 

Coordinape offers the perfect tool for this. It gives a human aspect to working with DAOs. It also makes the experience and processes fair and highly rewarding. How does it work? Anyone that wants to contribute to yearn or their DAO can register and then choose team members that are involved in their project. 

Each member is allocated specific points based on their contributions and investment. When the contributions begin to yield, each contributor will be allocated rewards based on their contributions.

What Makes Coordinape Different

Coordinape enables DAOs and decentralized teams without Human Resources and top-down management to allocate and reward collaborators and contributors autonomously with funds. To better understand how unique this project is, here are some highlights of what makes it different:

  • It offers a platform to reward contributors. Using the Gift Circles, Coordinape makes it possible for DAO members to reward each other collectively, making community payments more transparent and equitable.
  • Promotes incentivize participation as contributors get to directly recognize the value of each other. This helps to build a more productive and cohesive community.
  • Allows for effective scaling of DAO operations as users can easily understand how value moves from one chain to the other within the organizations. This ensures that recourses and decision-making processes are properly channeled and managed within the community.

Coordinape Team

Coordinape comprises passionate and seasoned experts in blockchain technology, DAOs specialists, developers, programmers, top management executives, and marketing specialists. 

How to Participate

Coordinape offers an ERC20 token type and there are specific units of tokens that will be made available to the public during the token sale. Currently, the platform has not provided any information regarding its token sale. However, it is recommended that if you are interested in the project, you can follow the social media handles of the platform to get updated details on the launch event.

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