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Corite offers a platform where artists can raise funds for projects. With Corite, users can get their music on all main streaming platforms, such as Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, and Apple Music.

About Corite

Creativity is something that is not lacking in the world of Blockchain technology. The blockchain is an all-encompassing platform that promotes creativity from play-to-earn games to numerous other projects and music. 

Corite adds a new touch to this world by providing artists and fans a community where they can interact. Artists can release their music with Corite and get funding while sharing their success with their fans. 

The platform allows artists to create campaigns and invite fans to support them for their next musical release. From the campaign, artists get to raise money, which they can use to promote and market their music while engaging their fans. They also offers a free distribution system where artists can share their revenue with their fans. 

What Makes Corite Different?

Every artist needs funds to promote their music and talents. Corite gives the platform where you can raise funds for projects. Independent artists on Corite have the opportunity to take full advantage of their fan power. 

With Corite, you can get your music on all main streaming platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, and Apple Music. Here are the highlights of what makes us different from other blockchain projects:

  • Corite offers a proven model where independent artists and their fans can co-create, promote, and fund music through the use of fan power.
  • It is a different genre of entertainment on blockchain technology that offers tools for both artists and fans to use the standard play-to-earn model where they can stake tokens to earn rewards for contributions and also unlock functionality. Users can gain early access to invest in their favorite artists’ music, earn rewards for contributions to the platform, and trade and purchase Corite Original NFTs.
  • Corite technology challenges the existing model of the music industry where the industry is run by a few big corporations. It offers a transparent and fair distribution of value, new methods of evaluating and rewarding talents, and new monetization opportunities for artists and fans.

The Team

Corite is made of an amazing team of creative gurus, digital marketers, developers, blockchain experts, and programmers. These are professionals with a wealth of experience in different fields.

How to Participate

The $CO token is an ERC20. Currently, there is no data for the details of the upcoming ICO. However, you can follow the social media handles of the company to get more details on events.

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