Improving crypto trading platforms is as much a necessity as it is a trend right now. While many platforms are trying to do it, unfortunately, not all succeed. CowSwap might just be the solution we want.

About CowSwap

Trading platforms come in a wide variety of feature combinations, each trying to be different and better. However, as we have seen so far, something is lacking in many of the new platforms coming out right now. CowSwap is a trading platform that could prove to be a different “breed”, especially considering the features that they are offering. If gas-free trading is something you wanted to see, then this could be the platform you want.

How Does CowSwap Work?

Making a platform like CowSwap means taking on a different approach from what most other trading platforms have been doing so far. While it may have the same foundation as many other similar trading platforms, its features on top give it some edge. The platform offers gas-free orders for trading tokens while also providing MEV protection for the traders. How they do it is where the answer lies regarding their potential for success. We are sharing some of the main features of CowSwap that you may want to consider before investing.

  • There is no doubt that the most exciting feature for most traders on CowSwap is the no gas fees. To make it possible, they employ an off-chain solution that involves considerations for Coincidence of Wants, finding the best AMM, and optimization of gas price for the next block to be mined. This results in savings on protocol fees and slippage as well.
  • MEVs are the bane of crypto trading and countless traders have been exploited by this system. Bots frontrunning transactions and exploiting slippages in trades have extracted almost $800 million so far! CowSwap not only ensures tight slippages but also avoids AMMs completely where possible to save you money.
  • The platform also offers a referral program to help traders and investors make even more money. The program is currently running on trial without rewards but tracking all referrals.

CowSwap Team

The CowSwap team consists of a diverse talent pool that includes experienced blockchain and software developers, financial and crypto markets experts, seasoned crypto traders, economists, and more. The platform also has good backing to make it a reliable trading source.

How to Participate?

CowSwap is currently running private and has not yet announced an ICO date. You can follow them on their website and Twitter to stay updated about future opportunities.

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