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CRD Network is a blockchain-based ecosystem that links traditional finance and cryptocurrency. It connects real-world assets to the blockchain using best practices across DeFi and CeFi.

About CRD Network

For a long time, blockchain and all its elements are a mystery to many, and this is quite understandable. Making sense of on-chain assets when all you have ever known is that traditional finance can be a bit of a challenge. CRD Network is the missing link that bridges the gap between real-world assets and blockchain technology. 

The platform is a blockchain ecosystem that links traditional finance and crypto that allows you to bring your real-world assets on-chain and unlock liquidity. It is a platform where real estate, NFTs, Art, and various valuable properties can be explored.

What Makes us Different?

CRD Network connects real-world assets to the blockchain platform using best practices across CeFi and DeFi. Usually, Access to regulated data without DeFi is almost impossible. For a start, it will be impossible for DeFi to integrate with CeFi and Smart Contracts will be unable to assess risk. 

It will also be impossible for institutions and users to meet AML and KYC requirements. This is where CRD Network comes in. Here are the highlights of what makes us different:

  • CRD Network is a sidechain that provides users a platform to explore real-world assets and data, banking transactions, and financial history on the blockchain. It makes this data anonymized and usable by dApps, smart contracts, and Oracles.
  • The platform runs on Hyperledger Besu. This is an enterprise blockchain located on Ethereum. It uses APIs and CRD Nodes to operate, which enables it to bring users’ daily financial data on-chain while maintaining the anonymity of the users’ identities.
  • CRD Network functions as a bridge for regulatory and data gaps and on-chain and offline economy by ensuring the compatibility of value Web 3.0 and real-world data. This includes real asset prices, compliance data, and financial history.
  • The platform also creates an AML and GDRP compliant environment that reduces the points of friction between Web 3.0 and users.

The Team

The team at CRD Network comprises seasoned experts and professionals across different fields. They include developers, designers, blockchain experts, marketing gurus, and entrepreneurs. 

How to Participate                                                                            

CRD Network will hold a public sale but the details of the event are yet to be made known to the public. The CRD Token type is ERC20 and the total tokens of 1,000,000,000 will be available during the token sale.

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