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Excerpt: Cryptoys is a blockchain-based game platform that combines collectibles, toys, and gaming to unlock new possibilities for players. The in-game currency and assets are Cryptoys NFTs.

About Cryptoys

The world of Blockchain technology has never been short of innovative ideas and play-to-earn games. One such innovation is the Cryptoys platform. Cryptoys is an NFT-based digital platform that crafts play-to-earn games, full interactive collectibles, and immersive next-gen game experiences. 

The platform blends collectibles, gaming, and toys to unlock a new world of possibilities for players. It is a playful, fun, and completely interactive platform where users can get entertained while earning passive income. 

Suffice to mention that Cryptos are new-gen digital toys that reside on the blockchain. These toys are interactive and evolve with time to unlock new games, experiences, and capabilities. Cryptoys are NFTs, which means 100% ownership resides with the holder. 

What Makes Cryptoys Different

Like other game platforms, it offers users the opportunity to mint its token. All Cryptoys are available in CryptoyCubes. When a user un-box a CryptoyCube, they will see a random, newly minted Cryptoy having rare variants that can hardly be found anywhere else. 

Apart from the uniqueness of the tokens, the game platform has other unique features. Here are some of them:

  • Cryptoys are intelligent and interactive digital toys. All you have to do to bring them to life is start the game. These digital toys respond to users differently, growing smarter with each turn. They can also acquire additional skills when you interact with them for a long time.
  • Each Cryptoy can be personalized with exclusive clothing and accessories to make them more unique. Suffice to mention that each digital toy is an NFT and holders can trade, buy, sell, or exchange them with others within the Crytoverse.
  • The Cryptoys can acquire new capabilities and talents using Gems. The Gems are also NFTs that can be bought from the our marketplace. These Gems can be used to unlock intelligence, powers, integrations, and new games.
  • Cryptoys can be played in different games, experiences, and applications within the Cryptoverse. The platform offers a simple plug & play for easy access.

Cryptoys Team

Cryptoys has an amazing team of entrepreneurs, game developers, programmers, marketing executives, and blockchain experts.

How to Participate

There is currently no information for the upcoming ICO. They will make the information available before the launch of the event. It is recommended that interested players should follow the social media handles to get more details about the event.

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