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Numerous useful applications are now running on cross-chain data transfer and transactions. deBridge is claiming to provide a strong decentralized cross-chain interoperability solution.

About deBridge

Running a platform on the blockchain has its challenges and one of the most complicated ones is being able to provide cross-chain transaction and data transfer services. Platforms that create these applications have their own way of making that happen but in many cases, an external system is required to complete the protocol, both for better security and reliability. deBridge is a platform that is claiming to provide such a service for anyone looking to expand their protocol and create true cross-chain interoperability applications.

How Does deBridge Work?

Operating on multiple blockchains can have so many reasons. Developers are constantly creating new applications that use such functionality to reach more customers and provide a wholesome trading and data transfer experience. Maintaining the integrity of such data, creating a secure environment for their sensitivity, and protecting user interest in such environments require a highly complex and comprehensive solution. deBridge is a platform that claims to help application developers with the tools necessary to make it happen in the best possible way. Several elements of their service work in tandem to make that happen, and you can find some useful information about their system here.

  • deBridge has created a unified experience on their platform that removes any need for platforms to find specific bridges for every blockchain they want to connect to. The unified standard created by deBridge provides access to every blockchain under a single UI.
  • The platform offers delegated stacking mechanics and slashing to make their validators tolerant to the validation of potential faults and relaying information across blockchains. Funds being stuck are no longer an issue, thanks to validators’ collateral.
  • Users with liquidity on multiple blockchains need not worry about fragmentation as the platform makes it all available to them and makes it possible for users and smart contracts to interact with every blockchain’s protocol directly and seamlessly.
  • The platform is easy to integrate with existing applications and immediately improves user experience with users not needing to manually switch networks for transactions and data transfer.

deBridge Team

The people responsible for creating deBridge are highly experienced blockchain specialists, crypto trading experts, financial markets specialists, software engineers, and more.

How to Participate?

deBridge has not yet made any public announcements regarding an upcoming ICO. However, you can keep an eye on future developments by following their website and social media profiles.

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