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Getting loans has never been an easy process for most and even with great credits, people fail to secure good terms. Defrag changes that by focusing on NFTs as collateral against loans.

About Defrag

Defrag is completely changing the way people take out loans by putting aside credit scores and creating an automated system that provides liquidity based on the value of NFTs that you own on the platform. Each user gets what they call a Metamatician, a randomly generated NFT that provides a User ID to get yourself loans. The value of the NFT is determined by how close the 8-digit code on each Metamatician is to the number 3 in the pie sequence.

What Makes Defrag Different?

The first thing worth mentioning about Defrag is that it is a decentralized liquidity market protocol that automatically helps it stand out among traditional lending platforms. Relying on randomly generated NFTs to measure potential value and loan worth, it is a system that is both fair and provides services to everyone regardless of their history. Here are some key points that you should know about Defrag.

  • Investors who participate during the early stages and launch will have their NFT minting proceeds deposited into an initial pool. This is needed to kickstart the lending process and provide a perpetual premium to each investor according to their stake in the pool. Imagine making money automatically for the rest of your life because that is exactly what this will do for you.
  • Exclusivity is not driven by social or historical value, even though each Metamatician carries a famous Mathematician’s name. The value of NFTs will also be mathematical in nature. The closer the number assigned to your NFT is to the number 3 in the pie sequence, the more valuable it will be.
  • A strong RNG tool called Chainlink VRF is used to make sure the numbers allotted are genuinely random. It is fully auditable on-chain and highly resistant to any kind of tampering. Cryptographic proof would be required for Metamaticians smart contract and that would only be possible if the generated numbers are tamper-proof.

Defrag Team

The people who have created Defrag are some of the most experienced and highly capable in a wide range of industries, including finance and investments, blockchain development and implementation, NFT design, and financial markets analysis. They are truly capable of meeting the needs of this platform.

How to Participate?

A public token sale is expected to happen for the FRAG governance token in the coming weeks. Follow the company Discord to stay up to date.

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