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With finance being the most extensive industry that blockchain technology has implemented, we are seeing incredible solutions being launched every week. Deliq Finance is such a solution for Avalanche.
Token sale completed on 23 March
Goal: 2,666,666
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About Deliq Finance

People are looking for new ways to expand their investment portfolios and blockchain is continuing to serve them up with new solutions every day. However, one of the main issues that many people are hoping to make some money off blockchain and crypto is gaining access to liquidity. With traditional financial institutions making it harder and harder for people to gain liquidity, crypto is running in a completely opposite direction. Deliq Finance is a platform demonstrating that approach by providing transparent liquidity provisioning services on the Avalanche ecosystem.

How Does Deliq Finance Work?

Providing liquidity on the blockchain is much more sensible and easier to understand than it is on traditional routes. However, making the systems streamlined, decentralized, and transparent requires a lot of effort. Of course, this is something that many other platforms seem to be offering as well. For Deliq Finance, the challenge right now is to provide their service in a streamlined manner and make it highly accessible and reliable. Some of the features that make it possible for Deliq Finance to make that happen are shared here.

  • The platform is using the highly popular liquidity by staking model to provide its services which make it possible to provide potential borrowers with healthy liquidity and eventually create a brand-new steam of income for them.
  • The primary target of the platform is the Avalanche ecosystem, where they intend to create reliable liquidity markets through a liquidity bootstrapping solution. It is meant to work flawlessly with decentralized protocols and make it easy for borrowers to gain liquidity.
  • The platform will also enable access for exchanges like pangolin and trader joe to minimize the impact of gaining liquidity for users. This direct connection would allow them to create conditions that provide nearly zero slippage on all trades.
  • The platform is heavily backed by several major investors and partners who are also playing a key role in the rapid and reliable development of the platform with its launch coming close.

Deliq Finance Team

Deliq Finance is the creation of some of the most experienced and talented individuals with vast experience in financial strategy, blockchain development, investment management, software development, and more.

How to Participate?

Deliq Finance will be holding an Initial Dex Offering for their DLQ token on Polkastarter starting 23rd March 2022.

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Token Sale: 23 March — 23 March
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