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Horse racing is an extremely popular sport, especially in the betting arena. People pour millions of dollars on these events, but now you can make money by being part of the race with Derby Stars

About Derby Stars

Look in any direction these days and you will find someone who is busy creating an NFT game. The sudden boom in this niche of gaming is primarily because almost every game provides players with the opportunity to earn real money. That incentive alone is not enough to attract everyone, so we have countless games covering every genre. Horse racing is a unique event and the people at Terra decided to develop these high-stakes games for anyone who is a fan of the sport.

How Does Derby Stars Work?

The experience you get with Derby Stars is as close to the action as you can imagine. You are literally racing to win on this platform and there is a lot of opportunity for growth. Being created by such a popular platform also makes it an attractive opportunity for gamers and investors alike. To meet with their tough demands, Derby Stars offers a comprehensive playing and earning experience. Here are some of the main features of this game that you should know about.

  • The game is beautifully designed and the horses you can create come with a highly detailed list of attributes. There is so much to learn, and you can slowly improve your performance over time as you train your horse for racing. The experience is satisfying and provides a genuine competitive environment as your performance depends on how well you nurture your horses.
  • Users get to be much more than detached competitors in this game as each player gets an avatar against their account which is also the horse jockey. The action is quite up close, and you enjoy a highly engaging experience as you play this game.
  • Earning is also possible through breeding, where horse owners can create new horses through breeding with other horses on the platform. It also makes for a good secondary investment and earning opportunity for investors and players alike.
  • The popularity of the game itself and the fact that it is created by Terra and backed by strong investors make it a stable investment.

Derby Stars Team

The team behind Derby is highly experienced in blockchain development, game development, creative design, financial management, and more.

How to Participate?

While there is no public information available regarding an ICO from Derby Stars, you can follow their website and socials to stay up to date.

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