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Not all NFT marketplaces are built the same. Some have great content, others have great support, and then some just want to help the economy grow and that is what DoinGud is about.

About DoinGud

NFT marketplaces can now be found everywhere you look. People are creating these marketplaces in all parts of the world and thanks to the endless content that creators want to sell, most of them seem to be thriving. However, beyond a basic service that the creators are getting from these platforms, these marketplaces are not as focused on maintaining quality services for creators as they are on making money. DoinGud wants to change that by creating a social NFT marketplaces where everyone, including creators, collectors, curators, and even social impact organizations, contributes to the economy.

How Does DoinGud Work?

You may have already seen several “community-owned” NFT marketplaces but when it comes down to the real impact they are creating, things rarely seem to go anywhere beyond the trading opportunities that you can find on those marketplaces. DoinGud, as the name suggests, takes a completely different stance by adding a bit of community service and responsibility, sustainable operations, and socially impactful operations to the mix. Here are a few of the features that you can expect to get from DoinGud.

  • The platform is super easy to use and whether you are a creator, collector, or anyone else, you can join the platform immediately with zero experience requirements. The seamless and intuitive experience makes it easy to understand how things work.
  • Platform users can share proceeds automatically through this platform to several social causes and other collaborating entities. The system may be run on crypto, but you can also make payments using fiat currencies.
  • The platform offers 0% minting fees for creators who want to publish their work on DoinGud. In addition to that, they also offer lucrative terms, with creators receiving 95% of all sales values, with the remaining 5% going to the cause of their choice.
  • The platform aims to introduce support for minting on multiple chains with interoperability options included. Being a community-owned platform means that this could happen sooner than you may think.

DoinGud Team

The people who created DoinGud are highly experienced blockchain developers, finance specialists, trading experts, economics gurus, software engineers, and much more.

How to Participate?

The company has not yet announced any information on an upcoming ICO. However, it could happen soon and to stay ahead, you can follow the company’s socials and website.

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