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Dominance trading has been a significant market player in the crypto realm, especially considering how much money was invested in it. Dominance Finance is a tool dedicated to that specific market.

About Domination Finance

Dominance trading is a huge market now and people are putting their money in it by the thousands and millions. However, while this is an exclusive market, there is no tool that provides dedicated support for such investments. Domination Finance intends to change that by launching a highly capable DEX that can let traders focus on dominance finance and provide other key features for a comprehensive experience.

How Does Dominance Finance Work?

Dominance Finance is trying to provide one of the most popular trading services to a crowd that has been looking for a decent dedicated solution for quite a while now. The platform allows you to make trades on Bitcoin Dominance and make money by either longing or shorting while also paying zero fees for the transactions. 

Bitcoin pairing is the most popular one and people seem to use that the most. This platform also supports pairing of all kinds, so you can expect to trade on other crypto pairs as well. The platform has quite a bit to offer and here are some of the salient features that you should know about.

  • The allocation of zero fees on trading Bitcoin Dominance and other pairs is one of the biggest plus points you can find here, apart from the fact that it is a dedicated platform for finding and trading on pairs.
  • The platform is entirely non-custodial, and the users decide how the platform operates, which is also beneficial for governance investors. The platform also provides unrestricted access to the trading platform to all users.
  • The platform puts the ease of use in dominance trading as their number one priority. You no longer need to go through complex procedures. Shorting or longing the dominance market is now possible with just a single click.
  • The platform is designed to be very human friendly and that is particularly noticeable in their mobile app which has a clean and simple interface for you to trade on.

Dominance Finance Team

The people who have created Dominance Finance are some of the most qualified and experienced individuals for the job. Their expertise ranges from software engineering, app development, business development, graphic design, and of course, blockchain.

How to Participate?

Dominance Finance has currently made no announcement for an ICO. However, you can keep in touch with them through their website and socials to stay updated.

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