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Trading cryptos all these years and still feel like you have never had a good futures trading experience? Why not give Drift Protocol a chance as they try to create a solution that could win you over?

About Drift Protocol

Over the years, the world of crypto trading has developed significantly, and we have seen massive improvements in the trading markets being created. New solutions are constantly being introduced, and we can experience the change every step of the way. However, even with all the development and multiple platforms, one thing that still seems lacking is a good quality derivatives exchange. Drift Protocol aims to fill that void by providing a solution that is just as reliable, fast, and intuitive as the traditional options available right now.

How Does Drift Protocol Work?

There is no doubting the fact that has a huge task ahead of it and to win, it needs to come up with a solution that can be equally effective for crypto markets as the others are for fiats. To do that, they have developed several key features that highlight the system’s reliability for traders while also being a beneficial choice for them to use. Some of the key features that you should know about Drift Protocol include the following.

  • The platform is operating on Solana which is the best option when it comes to speed and reliability. There is already talk of Solana potentially overtaking Ethereum at its own game, i.e., running DeFi apps. A platform like Drift Protocol could capitalize on the speed and reliability benefits that Solana has to offer.
  • Speaking of speed, another thing that traders do not like is waiting. They want instant results and Drift Protocol sets the right precedent right from the beginning. The platform provides vAMM liquidity right from day 1 to every user. You can start trading instantly on our platform.
  • The restrictions that one faces on traditional trading platforms are a big drawback and such people certainly look for alternatives. While they are busy trying to figure out if you should be allowed to trade or not, the permissionless nature of Drift Protocol makes it readily open and available for you.

The Team

The people behind are a high experienced team of derivative and stock trading professionals, finance and economics experts, and of course, experienced blockchain developers and software engineers.

How to Participate?

The Drift Protocol platform has yet to share a date on a public ICO. However, you can use the time you have to explore them further and stay in touch with them online to stay up to date.

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