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Transaction security is a crucial part of any trader’s daily activity and with crypto, this is even more crucial. Eden Network offers transactions protection from bots, bad pricing, and much more.

About Eden Network

There are many different problems that traders face every day when they make transactions on their networks of choice. These range from things as ordinary as bad pricing to technical issues like MEV attacks. The common thing among all these issues is that the traders lose a lot of time and value in their transactions, thereby reducing profits significantly. Eden Network provides a solution that ensures complete security and speed protection for traders regardless of what they may be looking to trade.

How Does Eden Network Work?

To make the things possible that Eden Network promises its users, a multidimensional solution is required which considers all the factors that could affect a trader’s performance. The company has evaluated all the problems that traders face when performing transactions and has created a solution that caters to all of them seamlessly, thereby providing a solution that significantly increases not only the performance of the trader using it, but also their profits which were previously being leeched by MEVs and other bots. Here are some of the key points of Eden Network’s service that you should know about.

  • Traders enjoy execution priority within blocks when trading. This means transactions happen at a much faster rate and there is no need for them to spend their time wondering when the trade will be completed and how much waiting time will they need to cater for when making decisions and transactions.
  • Along with miner executable value (MEV) protection on each trade, Eden Network also provides users protection from other types of bots and even accounts for factors like slippage to reduce the overall cost you pay for any transaction.
  • Accessibility is a key feature to have if a platform like Eden Network is to succeed. Thankfully, they are available for use to any trader who is using Ethereum for trading purposes. 
  • Eden Network is also great for companies who want to utilize their Slot Tenants feature. They can enjoy priority access, provide better prices to their clients, and more.

The Team

Eden Network has a large and diverse team with significant experience in fields like blockchain development, crypto and traditional trading, software engineering, and more. They also have the backing of several large investors.

How to Participate?

Eden Network has not yet announced any ICO for the public. However, you can stay updated on future developments through their website and socials.

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