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With so much media being put out there every day, creators sometimes need to rely on stock content to fill the small but critical gaps in their work. Envision is trying to redefine how that industry operates.
Token sale completed on 03 February
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About Envision

Creating good content is no easy job and regardless of what you are doing it for, you need to have everything you need in the right place. While creators come up with the most bizarre things these days, completing the picture sometimes requires a bit of outside help. That is what stock content is created for and countless people are using it these days. Envision is trying to revamp that service completely through blockchain technology.

How Does Envision Work?

At the core of the service, Envision works very much like any other stock content website that you can find out there. However, while the basics may be the same, the platform takes it further by adding blockchain to the mix and making the service much more comprehensive and reliable. There are some major components of the service that help make it a service that users can benefit from. The system also provides a model that brings a lot more freedom in terms of access and the ability to make money. Here are some of the things about Envision that you should know about.

  • The biggest and the most important feature of Envision is its marketplace, of course. Having a large and comprehensive catalog of content to choose from is what makes a platform favored by creators. Envision has everything you need and want for any type of content you want. Everything is easy to access, search, and use for various applications. The quality of the content is also as high as you can get on any platform of similar standing.
  • The platform makes it extremely easy for stock content creators to publish their work and market it easily and make it available to the right audience. The system provides a dedicated Creators Portal that makes the entire process seamless.
  • Pricing is kept completely independent, and every creator has complete control over how much they might want to charge for their work. It also allows them to compete more effectively in the market.

Envision Team

The people responsible for creating Envision are some of the best blockchain developers, software engineers, content creators, creative artists, and more.

How to Participate?

Envision will hold a public ICO on LCX for its VIS token from 1st Mar 2022.

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Token Sale: 01 March — 03 February
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