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Now you can support your favorite streamers AND make money doing it! With Eternal, you get to own the best streaming moments as NFTs and use that to support your favorite creators!

About Eternal

The world of online content creation has blown up in the past few years. People are pouring a lot of time, effort, and money into creating new and unique content that people would enjoy and appreciate. From that concept came the platforms where creators perform live for their fans. There is a special relationship created there and that is how the entire streaming industry works. Now, fans can support their favorite creators in a new way by owning clips of their content as NFTs. Every fan is unique, and Eternal allows them to showcase that through their equally unique NFT collections.

How Does Eternal Work?

Eternal is a platform that works for both the creators and their fans by rewarding them for their effort. For creators, making content and not getting fully appreciated for their special moments makes it a bit less worthwhile, even with the support they may be getting from their fans. On the other hand, fans also want to make their love for the creators and Eternal provides them that opportunity through the ownership of unique moments of their creators. Here are some features of Eternal that make it a platform worth supporting:

  • The platform allows creators to turn their special moments into digital collectibles. For most creators, that would be clips of their streams containing special moments of achievement, happiness, or any other element that the fans would value. Not only does that make for a great collectible for fans to showcase, but it also preserves the moment itself on the blockchain.
  • Being a fan may be gratifying on its own but for many people, it is a special connection that they want to cherish. With their creators dropping collections of moments occasionally, they can purchase their favorite ones and even make a valuable collection by accumulating rare moments.
  • The value of NFTs will also naturally rise as the popularity of the streamer increases. Look for new streamers on the rise and grab their moments early on to turn it into a profitable collection that you can trade on the marketplace.

Eternal Team

Eternal is the creation of a group of highly talented blockchain developers, crypto enthusiasts, streaming pros, and trading veterans.

How to Participate?

Eternal has not yet announced a date for an ICO. However, you can follow the platform website and discord to stay updated on developments.

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