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Creating a new project is one thing but making it available for everyone is an entirely separate battle. New projects need all the help they can get, and FantomPad’s Incubator-DEX could be a lifesaver.
Token sale completed on 14 March
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About FantomPad

Creating a new crypto project is something that not everyone can do. Many people have ideas but very few have the will and skills to make it a reality. Even if someone does manage to do that, they usually do not have the resources and guidance to launch and market it properly. With the pressure of managing all those things, getting the platform token listed onto a DEX is a separate effort. FantomPad is aiming to make things much easier and seamless with its Incubator-DEX combo service.

How Does FantomPad Work?

The problem with the current crypto market is the sheer level of fragmentation that exists everywhere. Developers require a wide range of tools to get everything ready, which can stretch their capacity quite a lot. Adding to the problems is the issue of vesting, where you can either spend a ton of money and create your solution or rely on a third-party option which is often inefficient and unreliable in some way. With FantomPad, the solution is much more seamless as project owners can get their projects listed and ready for investments in no time. Some of the main aspects of FantomPad’s service are shared here.

  • As far as the vesting solution is concerned, the system makes the entire launch process completely seamless through its dedicated launch hub. It only takes a few steps and all you need to decide is the timeline you want for the vesting process, whitelisting all the wallet addresses that would participate, and that is it.
  • Listing on FantomPad’s built-in DEX makes the selling process so much easier and more convenient. The incubator function connects directly with the DEX and the tokens can be put for sale in no time. Everything is seamless and very little input is required from the developers.
  • The big issue many project developers face when listing their projects is security breaches and scams. With FantomPad that problem is addressed thoroughly as they have created an ingenious solution to completely avoid issues like fake and duplicate listings that would hurt project investors.

FantomPad Team

The people who have developed FantomPad come from a highly diverse range of disciplines with vast experience in fields like blockchain development, financial markets and trading, software development, and more.

How to Participate?

FantomPad will be holding an IDO on Trustpad starting 11th March 2022.

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Token Sale: 11 March — 14 March
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