Fixed income assets are not commonly offered as investment opportunities due to obvious reasons. However, platforms like FIA DAO are changing it for the better by creating new opportunities.


Fixed income assets are not the most popular form of investments and there is a good reason behind it. Not only are they harder to manage but the chances of finding good yields and return values is also challenging. However, FIAT DAO is making a strong point by helping investors make sure that they can do the impossible and turn their fixed income assets into real moneymakers. There are several unique features that go into making thing possible and FIAT DAO seems to be doing everything it can.

What Makes us Different?

Fixed income assets have not been favored by investors generally, but they are the safest and the best form of investment for many people. Facilitating those people alone makes any platform lucrative for a large audience. However we realizes that to truly capture the attention of a large enough audience, it needs to offer a lot more than the possibility of making income from fixed income assets. That is why there are several unique features that you can find in FIAT DAO that make it a lucrative spot for investing through fixed income assets. Some of these features are listed here for your reference.

  • You can mint FDT coins by using collateralized debt positions on this platform. This allows you to generate assets that you can either use directly in your trading on our platform, or use elsewhere. You have the entire DeFi network at your disposal, thanks to its compatible nature.
  • You can also join the liquidity pools in FIAT DAO, which will grant you several useful perks, including governance rights in the protocol. You can access several features through the pools and even use them to help with your trading.
  • You can diversify your risk through hedging on this platform as well. There are multiple protocols, assets, and timelines that you can adjust your risk to and make your investments a lot more stable


The people who have created FIAT DAO come from an extensive background in blockchain programming, software development, financial and stock trading, banking, finance, and other disciplines.

How to Participate?

FIAT DAO has not made any public announcements regarding an ICO right now. However, you can find out information about the company’s seed round and upcoming plans by following their website and socials.

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