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Blockchain, Data Services, Finance
Witness a new form of security and transparency of data that uses decentralized blockchain with an open-source platform developed by Open Oracle Association for better data management.
Token sale completed on 04 December
22,000,000 15,000,000 146%
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Flux Protocol Intro

About Flux Protocol

Flux protocol is a new name in blockchain-based and decentralized data management, but it is also a name worth remembering. With a completely open-source project developed by Open Oracle Association, this is a tool that aims to become the data layer for every leading blockchain out there. Playing a role that significant is exciting, and if it is done right, it could be groundbreaking.

What Makes Flux Protocol Different?

Unlike other projects that have been performing this job, Flux Protocol has taken a completely different approach in figuring out how they want to make blockchain information management more effective.

  • Flux Protocol is one of the very few platforms that are using an open-source model for something that has been proprietary in nature ever since blockchain was created and used for data dissemination.
  • The decentralized nature of this platform and the strong validation protocols present in the system can provide reliable security against potential attacks that could hijack the data that is being transferred or stored via the blockchain.
  • Accessibility is a vital part of their service as they provide open access. There is no sophistication involved in its presentation and no hurdles or unnecessary steps are added to make the data exclusive for selective people and systems.
  • The biggest strength of Flux Protocol is that it is also a decentralized platform when it comes to its modus operandi. The platform is moderated by the community and any developments, proposals, and decisions that happen get the approval of Flux DAO before implementation.

Our Team

Flux Protocol was created by a diverse team, both in terms of demographics and skillsets. People from all kinds of backgrounds are involved in this project and you can find many years of collective experience behind this platform. They are passionate about this service and work constantly on improving the system in every way they can.

How to Participate?

You can participate in the upcoming ICO of the Flux protocol easily. The model of choice for purchasing tokens is Liquid Bootstrapping Protocol (LBP). The token type is ERC20, and the token price is $2 with a target of selling 15,000,000 tokens. The sale will begin on December 1st, 2021. To join the event, you can visit

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Token Sale: 01 December — 04 December
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