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Why go after lesser-known and obscure NFTs when you could get your hands on the popular ones? Or at least a part of them? With Fractional, you can own parts of some of the most popular NFTs out there.

About Fractional

Fractional is a platform that provides users access to exactly those kinds of NFTs where they can own a small part of popular NFTs that would otherwise cost a fortune to own whole. However, this approach does more than just increase access. It creates an entirely new market with lower costs and an overall increase in the NFT world.

What Makes Fractional Different?

Perhaps the most obvious edge that Fractional has over other NFT marketplaces is providing fractional ownership of NFTs. However, that is only the beginning of the story, as there is a lot more happening on this platform that you ought to know about. Here are a few of the things that help Fractional stand out among the crowd.

  • The platform is designed to attract maximum attention by providing everyone with a chance to have ownership of a famous NFT. The question of affordability is becoming more and more an issue for many NFTs. So, being able not only to own an NFT but that too with a lot of value is certainly appreciated.
  • Being a partial owner does not bind you in any way to the NFT and you can buy or sell the parts whenever you like. You can use your NFT in any way you want, be it to store, use, or even sell to someone else later.
  • An entirely new and much more open type of community will become popular with partial NFT owners becoming socially involved with other partial owners of the same NFT. This will lead to even more collaborations and sales on the platform, leading to an ever-growing community of both buyers/collectors and creators.

Fractional Team

The team behind Fractional is both enthusiastic about NFTs and highly skilled in the development and sales of NFTs. The blockchain-based platform is also managed entirely by highly skilled blockchain developers and software engineers. The pool is filled with plenty of talent for the platform to operate well.

How to Participate?

Fractional is expected to hold an ICO for its own utility NFTs soon. However, a date is yet to be announced, so keep an eye on their socials and discord to know when that will eventually happen.

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