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We do so many things online every day with most of them not giving us any reward whatsoever. Fragma wants to change that by providing earning opportunities in multiple areas of creative work being used today.
Token sale completed on 11 February
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About Fragma

Being yourself is not easy these days, especially with the ever-increasing standards that people are setting online. However, instead of feeling anxious about dealing with this issue, Fragma is introducing a solution that lets creators immediately make money from their social engagement. Other platforms are also working on this system but so far, Fragma seems to have come the farthest in making it a reality.

How Does Fragma Work?

The creators of Fragma believe in the need to revamp online advertising as we know it and they are taking steps to make it possible from multiple angles. This kind of approach is necessary in making sure that the system that eventually replaces it is not only much more profitable for creators, but also ensures their security and lets them enjoy the freedom to make their own decisions on how the platform should be run. That is what decentralization in the blockchain is all about and you can expect to see it here as well. Whether you are a potential user or an investor, the following list of features must be in your knowledge before you decide to invest.

  • Social mining is one of the biggest highlights of Fragma as the company is trying to make social media activities a profitable venture through social mining. Now you can put anything you want online and enjoy crypto earnings from the many ad revenues being made every day from advertising companies.
  • The platform will also feature a dedicated NFT marketplace which will allow users to freely buy and sell any NFT that they may have in their collection. To expand on this opportunity, the platform will also feature a lending option where creators can give their properties to the platform on rent.
  • The platform will also reward creators in other ways, especially using contests where creators can showcase their work and get prizes or bonuses in the form of FRA tokens which they can use on the platform.

Fragma Team

The people who have created Fragma have extensive experience in blockchain development, finance, marketing, creative design, and more.

How to Participate?

Fragma is going to hold a Public Sale of its FRA token starting 4th Mar 2022 with two buying options to choose from, the cheaper option having six months lockup period.

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Token Sale: 01 March — 11 February
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