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Online content creators, specifically in the gaming niche, are facing a lot of exploitation and problems from online content sharing platforms. FreshCut is here to give power back to the creators.
Token sale completed on 10 May
Goal: 58,000,000
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About FreshCut

There are multiple content sharing and streaming platforms running online right now with assets in the billions of dollars. The reason behind their success is the vast popularity of content creators and the diverse community that spends time and money watching them. However, the real winner in this equation is only the platform and both the creators and fans must give up a lot just to connect. FreshCut is providing a comprehensive alternative to this problem by giving power back to the creators and the people who follow them.

How Does FreshCut Work?

With a platform like FreshCut, the primary challenge is providing creators with a sufficiently comprehensive solution that covers their needs adequately. This is especially true for gaming creators who need a robust streaming solution to provide their followers with the high-quality experience they expect. Of course, that is only the basic requirement and to truly give web2.0 platforms a run for their money, FreshCut has introduced several unique features that allow creators and their fans to connect in a much better and direct way. Here are some of those key features that you should know about.

  • The platform can be referred to as the home of ShortForm content for gaming content creators. The hottest moments in gaming platforms of all kinds can now be shared with fans easily while also creating a diverse network of earning opportunities, both for the creators and their fans.
  • The web3.0 aspect of the platform keenly targets the earning potential by providing opportunities for both the creators and their fans. While the creators earn by creating and sharing content, the audience can also make money by engaging in that content, all through the platform’s $FCD token.
  • While some may compare it to traditional platforms like Twitch, it would not be entirely accurate. The platform will focus primarily on short-form content that is extremely popular on social media apps. Even research shows an incredible increase in the popularity of this format of gaming content. It will give creators more room to create while giving the audience a much more diverse content stream.

FreshCut Team

The people behind FreshCut are a team of highly experienced and enthusiastic blockchain developers, game developers, creative designers, engineers, and a lot more.

How to Participate?

FreshCut will be holding an IDO for its FCD token on Polkastarter on 10th May 2022.

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Token Sale: 10 May — 10 May
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