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Metaverse gaming is developing incredibly fast, and we are seeing some amazing projects come to life. Galaxy Blitz is a P2E game that wants to make a noticeable mark on the gaming industry.
Token sale completed on 23 March
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About Galaxy Blitz

For any game, P2E or not, the most important thing is a great user experience and exciting gameplay. Nailing those two components can help make you a successful title and Galaxy Blitz does seem to have the right combination. The game is all about a futuristic experience where different lifeforms have evolved from ultra-intelligent humans with their reach across the entire universe. The game will try to use NFTs and gaming protocols to drive the entire experience and create an income stream from the same.

How Does Galaxy Blitz Work?

Galaxy Blitz is all about creating a strong presence of the faction that you are a part of and conquering different places to develop yourself. The game takes a strategic approach where you will need to manage resources and develop unique ways to expand your presence across the universe. The gameplay is quite engaging and is quite like what we are used to seeing in traditional strategy games involving battling systems. Here are some of the key features that make the experience much more exciting for the players and potential investors.

  • The game has comprehensive strategic experience in developing infrastructure and controlling the entire planet. Players will manage resources, create soldiers, and wage wars on other planets to gain supremacy. The detail involved in the battling system is quite spectacular and engaging.
  • The game provides plenty of uses for its MIT token which will be the main currency for making all sorts of purchases. From developing infrastructure and bases to creating armies, you will find many uses for their token in the game. Of course, it is also usable as a trading currency in the NFT marketplace.
  • Speaking of the NFT marketplace, the game allows users to buy MIT tokens from DEXs and CEXs. In-game rewards are also available which can then be used to buy not only resources of different kinds, but also NFTs like battleships, heroes, and more.

Galaxy Blitz Team

The people who have created Galaxy Blitz have years of experience in blockchain development, game development, creative design, and more. They also have vast experience as professional gamers.

How to Participate?

Galaxy Blitz will hold a Token Sale for its MIT token starting 22nd March 2022. On

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Token Sale: 22 March — 23 March
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