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The music industry has constantly seen an overwhelming control from a select few companies and individuals when it comes to global success. GIGCO aims to change that with its all-in-one service.
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The music industry has been operating on the same principles for as long as anyone can remember. The level of control that big recording companies and industry leaders have over the way music is being generated and distributed is nothing short of monopolistic. Only selected individuals get to make most of the decisions regarding the industry and artists and music fans alike are stuck under their control in every possible way. GIGCO aims to introduce a platform where there is a lot more community involvement and freedom for artists.

How Does GIGCO Work?

To be able to understand how GIGCO works, it is essential to realize that there are several fundamental flaws in the music industry these days that need to be dealt with. The most significant requirement that we have seen so far is more control and empowerment for the artists who put their heart and soul into their music. Relying on someone else to decide if your work is worth showcasing to the world is quite restraining and suffocating, even for some artists. GIGCO provides a way for them to free themselves from those limitations and let the community decide who is good. Here are some of the features that GIGCO is offering to make their vision a reality.

  • Finding gigs to attend or perform at has always been inefficient in many ways. People often tend to miss news of new events and not following certain companies or buying their products can also mean you do not get access to many of them. GIGCO provides a complete social platform where artists can list gigs and fans can find out and discuss their views.
  • Purchasing tickets for your favorite gigs is now straightforward, with the platform providing easy online purchases for countless artists. You can get the ticket you want for any gig and pay the lowest possible fees as the platform commits to that heavily.
  • The platform is providing a complete environment for the industry where fans, artists, and even venues can come together and help artists boost their presence while being beneficial for venues and fans alike.


The people responsible for creating GIGCO are programmers and musicians who have a vision to revolutionize the music industry and make it more accessible for everyone.

How to Participate?

GIGCO will be holding an IDO for its $GIG token on SolRazr starting 26th Feb 2022.

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Token Sale: 26 February — 26 February
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