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Get your hands on a loan with extreme ease using the Goldfinch crypto loans platform. What used to be a limited service is now accessible to all, thanks to the company’s collateral-free lending system.

About Goldfinch Finance

Goldfinch has completely revamped the way people look at crypto lending and made it accessible to the common folk in its true meaning. What used to be a service only accessible to those who could provide collateral is now available for everyone. It is a particularly powerful tool that could prove to be a real game-changer for countless people, especially in developing economies.

What Makes Goldfinch Finance Different?

The biggest differentiating factor for Goldfinch is obviously the way they are providing crypto loans that are without any collateral. Making crypto loans accessible to a much larger audience has automatically increased the level of interest that users and investors have in this platform. It is certainly the missing piece that significantly increased the size of the market and can be tapped, making the service much more viable and acceptable globally. Here are a few salient points about Goldfinch Finance that you should know, regardless of whether you are a consumer or an investor.

  • The biggest target for Goldfinch is to tap into emerging markets with developing economies. Consumers are generally much more eager here and the chances of a massive increase in a portfolio for the company are also quite good. It can also lead to a financial improvement that could have a long-term global impact.
  • The protocol running these loans is already in use and has more than 10,0000 borrowers onboarded with new people joining every day. The users are from a wide range of markets including Nigeria, Mexico, India, and other countries in Southeast Asia.
  • The yield coming from borrowers in most of the loans that the platform is providing ranges between 10-14%. This figure is based on real-world scenarios and is not related to how the crypto markets are performing. This level of yield is certainly worth exploring.

Goldfinch Finance Team

The people who have come together to form and operate Goldfinch Finance have extensive experience in a wide range of markets. Many of them have worked for major globally operating organizations as investment managers, business development heads, blockchain developers, software developers, financial and economic specialists, banking executives, researchers, and more.

How to Participate?

You can get your hands on the FIDU token as a Liquidity Provider or a Backer in the token sale which is currently active and can be followed on the company’s Discord.

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