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Do you have an idea for the blockchain that you want to show the world but don’t know where to start? Harmony Launcher is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use places to get things ready.

About Harmony Launcher

Harmony Launcher is exactly what you have been looking for if you are new to the development side of blockchain and metaverses. It is the place to go if you want to launch Initial Game Offering (IGO) or Initial Dex offering (IDO). The Harmony Blockchain provides a fair system of allocation. To facilitate all the applicants of the launchpad, so each of the development teams trying to get in is given an equal chance.

What Makes Harmony Launcher Different?

Harmony Launcher got quite a few things right in its effort to provide the most comprehensive launchpad for developers everywhere. While there are many key features that can be highlighted here, there are some that deserve the first mention and here is what you get.

  • The IGO and IDO launchpad is probably the biggest part of their entire equation. This system allows the platform to automatically sort applications through different filters and then push them through in a way that no applicant gets missed or left behind.
  • The Harmony Incubator is a great place for new companies working on blockchain-based platforms to come and grow by tapping into the Harmony Network. It assists new setups in gaining a proper shape and direction until they are ready to be launched into the DeFi ecosystem. Help provided can be related to operations, financial planning, tokenomics creation, and graphics.
  • Harmony AMM DEX is a liquidity protocol created by this platform to allow users to swap tokens at blazing fast speeds while minimizing the fees that are to be paid across different chains and ecosystems.
  • The platform assures by taking startup funds and storing them in escrow for safekeeping. It also provides a KYC system that allows the users to only go through a legitimate transaction every single time.

Harmony Launcher Team

The people behind Harmony Launcher are both talented and experienced, not only with blockchain development but also with financial security and networking solutions. They are backed by a solid team of investors to support the project and provide further guidance as needed by the core team.

How to Participate?

Harmony Launcher is expected to conduct an ICO in the coming days. The nature and dates are not yet confirmed, so keeping an eye on their socials and Discord would be a good idea.

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