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Hashflow is a platform that aims to change the way crypto trading works by providing some changes to the flow of transactions that protect the trader from losing profits and help minimize costs.

About Hashflow

Crypto trading comes with a wide range of issues that lead to traders losing money on different steps in any transaction. Hashflow aims to reduce those losses by creating a system that provides greater control to traders and how they create pricing strategies. The platform allows users to make tighter quotes while utilizing their capital as efficiently as possible. The platform calls it “the smart way to trade.”

What Makes Hashflow Different?

The entire strategy behind the platform that Hashflow is planning to provide is to change fundamental aspects of crypto trading. It targets key components of a trade and brings changes that would help users generate better profits on the same transactions that would cost them more elsewhere. Some of the main points that Hashflow has highlighted about their platform provide the following benefits.

  • The platform plans to eliminate all trading fees that are involved in any given transaction completely. The users have much greater control over how pricing is done, and the system allows them to create quotes that can generate better profits while fully utilizing their capital’s potential.
  • MEV’s have haunted traders since day one and its elimination is also a primary target of Hashflow. The system is built so that users can avoid getting targeted by MEV bots. The users no longer get different values from what is being shown for each transaction and can completely avoid sandwich attacks and frontrunning. In their words, “what you see is what you get”.
  • Traders are provided access to much more beyond the traditional spot trading class. Now you can trade on future, options, and other instruments right on the platform without missing out on any potential profitable opportunity.
  • Investors can buy HFT tokens to join the Hashflow community which will provide them access to several incentives including trading rewards, NFT rewards, LP rewards, NFT staking rewards, and Market Making rewards.

Hashflow Team

The people who have created and developed Hashflow to where it is now has a deep understanding, knowledge, and experience of crypto trading, conventional trading, blockchain development, and financial markets.

How to Participate?

Hashflow will be holding a Public Sale for their HFT token by the end of January 2022. The token is for governance purposes only and would complement the reward system. More information on token sales would be released on the platform’s Discord.

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