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Robo advisors are all the rage these days, with so many people trying to find ways to increase their wealth without giving much time. The trouble is finding a good option and Hedgehog might just be one.

About Hedgehog

Have you ever wondered how so many people are making fast trades all the time and still managing to make time for all the other things in their life? If you do then you are not alone and the way they do it is using automated and smart tools like Hedgehog. This platform is a robo-advisor that allows people to trade at much faster speeds and save time finding new trades and making quick decisions by providing useful data.

How Does Hedgehog Work?

While a platform in progress, Hedgehog is still capable of doing quite a lot more than what you would achieve if you signed up for any other regular trading platform. Integration is a huge part of the platform’s sales pitch and given the wide network they claim to cover, it can certainly be a key factor in its success. Of course, you do need more than one cool thing to survive in the current highly competitive crypto trading market. Hedgehog seems to have that part covered quite well, and you can also find a few unique features. Some of these are listed here for your information.

  • As mentioned earlier, the biggest feature that Hedgehog is offering its users is integration. You can connect all your exchange accounts into a single platform with support for more than 170 exchanges. This is especially useful for large and diverse traders who like to take benefit of multiple platforms.
  • Connecting crypto wallets is also relatively easy with Hedgehog and the support for that is also quite good. Not only can you add all kinds of wallets to Hedgehog, but you can also track them live directly through the platform. Hedgehog also provides automatic synchronization of all your data so you can update your transaction histories and addresses.
  • The platform is currently working on a trade suggestion feature as well. This will allow users to do what a robo-advisor is meant to do, first and foremost, i.e., make faster trades by getting direct recommendations on good trades.

The Team

Hedgehog is the creation of a highly experienced team of blockchain developers, financials and crypto markets specialists, trading experts, and more.

How to Participate?

Hedgehog has not yet made any public announcements regarding an upcoming ICO. However, you can stay in touch with them by following their website and socials.

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