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Highstreet is creating a world that connects the digital world with the physical world, a concept that is already familiar. You can now buy and sell products that exist both in the metaverse and real life.
Token sale completed on 17 January
Goal: 1,000,000
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About Highstreet

Highstreet is creating a world based on a concept that we are already familiar with. It is creating a metaverse that is linked directly to the physical world and basically acts like a dual marketplace where you can buy products and use them not only in the metaverse but also in real life. It is the perfect place for new brands to launch and a place for existing brands to expand their visibility.

What Makes Highstreet Different?

Highstreet is introducing a concept that people were already expecting to happen as soon as the concept of metaverse came into existence. It provides a service that can help brands expand their reach and earn real-world profits while catering to an entirely new world of opportunities. Given the countless fantastical ideas people are investing in these days, this one is certainly one of the most realistic ones. Here are a few things you should know about Highstreet as a participant and investor.

  • Consumers can buy products through Highstreet that are linked to real-life products and use them both online and in real life. Now you can buy your favorite brand’s trousers or shirts, or any other product and wear them in real life while also using them as a token online.
  • Buying and selling tokens has become extremely easy and interested parties do not need to wait for sellers or buyers. The marketplace can now buy and sell tokens at fair market value thanks to the StreetSmart™ Bonding Curves system that runs 24/7.
  • Consumers no longer need to worry about buying fake products as each product token is linked directly to the brand or creators you intend to buy from. So, you can be sure that the token you got can be redeemed to get a product that is 100% original and come directly from the source.

Highstreet Team

The people behind Highstreet are highly experienced blockchain developers, market analysis experts, financial experts, designers, and metaverse enthusiasts. They are also backed by some of the strongest investors and advisors out there, making this platform as solid as it can get.

How to Participate?

Highstreet has a Launchpool currently happening on Binance that you can participate in. Buying is done using BB and BUSD with the current token price at $13.09 (changing with the market).

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Token Sale: 19 December — 17 January
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