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Influence is a blockchain-based play-to-earn space-strategy MMO game platform that allows players to own their content. There are 250,000 special asteroids with each having a unique combination of resources and possible bonuses.

About Influence

Blockchain-based play-to-earn is not a new concept in both the game and blockchain technology worlds. However, game developers and platforms bring innovative concepts that stand them out from the rest now and then. Influence is a good example of this. 

Influence is a blockchain-based play-to-earn space-strategy Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game that allows players to own all their content. Players can build infrastructure, colonize asteroids, engage in combat, and discover technologies. 

They have the freedom to expand their influence across the game belt. Influence is developed around a set of 250,000 unique asteroids. Each of these asteroids possesses a special combination of possible bonuses and resources. 

Gamers can buy the right to own asteroids. They can also choose to start for free through Adalia Prime. Choosing where to play prepares players for explorations where they can begin to mine, refine, and build from scratch to the surface of their chosen asteroid.

What Makes Influence Different?

Different features attract players to various game platforms. For you, there are also specific features that make it a unique game platform in its right. Here are some of the things that make us different.

  • It offers players the opportunity to participate in a player-driven economy where players can truly own their content. You never have to worry about walled gardens that limit players’ ability to do whatever they want with their in-game content. With Influence, players are empowered to explore a robust virtual economy using $SWAY as the in-game currency
  • Influence lets players build facilities that fulfill their needs while improving their influence in the belt. The platform offers an opportunity where players can gain mastery of complex production chains, strip-mine for resources, and build a system-wide center for trade.
  • Players can build a real-world crew within the game metaverse where each crew member can possess one of five classes with each having its specialized skill tree. Gamers can improve their mining efficiency, build more advanced structures, and fly faster through the in-game influences of their crew’s actions.

Influence Team

Influence has an experienced team with members curated from different fields of technology. The team members include seasoned developers, programmers, entrepreneurs, and marketing gurus, among others.

How to Participate

Influence Tokens are of ERC20 token type with specific volume made available for public sale. Currently, there is no information about the date and time for the token sale. However, more details will be provided with time. Users are advised to check the social media pages of the game platform to stay abreast of the latest information.

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