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If you thought that we are working on a greener planet already, you have yet to see what the Internet of Energy Network has to offer. It is creating a network of minigrids, one connection at a time.

About Internet of Energy Network (IOEN)

Energy consumption and preservation are among the hottest topics of discussion these days. With global warming threatening to push our planet to the point of no return from eventual global catastrophe, we can see new initiatives come alive everywhere we look. However, while traditional approaches have their perks and quirks, the Internet of Energy Network is taking a unique approach. It is turning electrical systems at a personal level to collaborate and become a super system which is a collection of minigrids.

How Does IOEN Work?

The system being created by IOEN is unique in many ways. It is an open invitation to all people to start playing their part by connecting their homes to microgrids in their areas. This approach allows everything from electrical appliances and other power generating or consuming devices to become a part of a broader network that communicates among devices to provide savings on your energy bills. Here are some of the key features of IOEN that you should know about as a user and potential investor.

  • The platform uses both blockchain and holochain technologies to create a network on which all intelligent electrical systems can connect easily. With enough homes connected in a locality, a minigrid can be formed, leading to saving and even earning through the platform model.
  • The IOEN platform is partnered with RedGrid which is a tech venture focusing entirely on helping households reduce their fossil fuel consumption through effective energy management and planning.
  • Holochain is a dedicated open-source platform for creating P2P apps that can be good, work well and be smart and safe while operating in any environment. The platform is popular for sidelining servers in favor of network-connected systems to create a much faster network that connects people directly.

IOEN Team 

The people who have created the IOEN platform are clearly some of the most enthusiastic people when it comes to saving the planet and its resources. However, they are also highly talented blockchain specialists, software developers, finance professionals, environment experts, energy sector, trading experts, and so much more. It is also backed by several major investment firms.

How to Participate?

There is no ICO announcement made by the company yet. However, you can stay in touch with their website and social pages to get the latest information on future developments.

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