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Blockchain, Data Service
IotexPad is the place to be for newly launching Iotex based platforms and tools. This is the perfect launchpad for Iotex solution providers and serves as an incubation center for such projects.
Token sale completed on 20 December
Goal: $206,160
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About IotexPad

Making and launching Iotex projects has suddenly become much easier, thanks to the introduction of the IotexPad. This incubation and launching platform does exactly what it says by providing capital accumulation services and launching projects. All of this happens on a highly secure and decentralized network while also providing incentives to developers and token holders alike.

What Makes IotexPad Different?

Raising capital is one of the biggest challenges for new projects, even more so when they are based on Iotex which is an extremely recent iteration of the Internet of Things. IotexPad makes the lives of Iotex developers easy in several ways that are unique to them.

  • This is the first time that Iotex developers are getting the chance to use a properly developed incubation platform to host and launch their products and raise capital for them. Getting all the investment on a single platform with such a wide access is something that was mostly unheard of in the Iotex space.
  • The security of data and financial assets tied to Iotex projects is also a huge concern that IotexPad addresses explicitly as part of its services. The platform offers top-tier security for its users and allows developers to worry less about keeping their assets secure and focus more on developing their products to their maturity.
  • Token-based investment gathering is not a new concept, but it is the first time this has been done exclusively to serve new projects related to Iotex that are still in the development phase and require external funding to be completed. The tier system also provides transparent funding and allocates holding requirements according to each tier automatically.

IotexPad Team

The people behind IotexPad are all experienced developers and Iotex enthusiasts who recognize the need to support such projects. The system is designed to help new projects find space in metaverses securely and that is why the team includes people with expertise to address the needs related to such projects effectively. The comprehensive nature of this platform directly reflects on the diverse experience that the team has related to blockchain, Iotex, finance, marketing, and more.

How to Participate?

An IDO will be held by IotexPad on December 13, 2021, and you can apply for the IDO directly from their website.

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Token Sale: 19 December — 20 December
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