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With so many NFT marketplaces and platforms providing a wide range of services, what you need is something that can help you focus. The NFT ecosystem offered by Kalao could be what you are looking for.

About Kalao

NFTs and platforms dedicated to them are spreading across the world like wildfire and we are already seeing an overwhelming amount of investment and creativity coming out of this field. However, this overwhelming experience can also be quite confusing once you start thinking about where you want to invest. The solution to this situation would have to be a platform where you can make this decision easily and that is exactly what Kalao is trying to create through its NFT ecosystem.

How Does Kalao Work?

As mentioned earlier, Kalao is a complete NFT ecosystem which means it is more than just a marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs. Since the requirement is to get the ability to make focused and informed decisions, Kalao brings into focus some interesting features that give traders a lot more control in terms of what they want to get and how they get it. It also improves the trading experience itself which is still a major part of its services. Here are some of the key features you can expect to see on Kalao.

  • One of the biggest problems that NFT marketplaces have these days is the speed of transactions and the general speed of the UI. With so much influx of potential traders, coping with the pressure means you need something inherently fast. Kalao found the solution to that in the Avalanche blockchain which is currently one of the fastest blockchains when it comes to NFT trading.
  • Another key aspect that users worry about is the fees they need to pay for each transaction. Kalao offers surprisingly low network fees, and it does so without compromising on service quality or security.
  • Kalao also offers a huge metaverse experience where you can buy virtual worlds and then use it as a spot to showcase your collection of NFTs for other users. Think of it as your personal 3D gallery which is also integrated with Kalao’s marketplace. Talk about presentation!
  • There are several real-world uses that you can perform using Kalao including event ticketing, art exhibitions, selling luxury goods in VR, and more.

The Team

Kalao is the creation of a strong and diverse team of blockchain specialists, creative designers, software engineers, crypto trading experts, and more.

How to Participate?

With no current public announcement made by Kalao regarding an ICO, you can stay in touch with future developments on the platform through their website and social profiles.

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